Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Drinking Liberally off until after Memorial Day

UPDATE 6/4: Well, it's after Memorial Day, the NBA Finals begin tomorrow night, and I haven't heard a DAMN thing. Mother of Mercy, is this the END of Drinking Liberally Memphis? Organizers, whaazup here? Someone let me know if this is continuing or not.....

Sent from our pals at Drinking Liberally Memphis:

Hi Liberal Drinkers,

As you have heard/read/witnessed/etc., Drinking Liberally Memphis is on
the search for a new location. This is a result of a few factors,
mainly lack of attendance. So, while we are trying to find a new location
where we can meet weekly, the City Team for Drinking Liberally Memphis
has decided to go on a temporary hiatus. Please feel free to continue
to send suggestions for bars and restaurants that might be willing and
able to accommodate our group and that would also be liberal friendly!
(2nd thing is most important!)

We will be back in touch after the Memorial Day holiday!

Thank you for your continued support of Drinking Liberally and the
Memphis Chapter!

Liberally yours,
Drinking Liberally Memphis

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Newscoma said...

I can only suggest Hooterville.

PeskyFly said...

Weird, every time I drop by there are a lot of peoples. Do I just show up on good nights?

Dabney said...

pesky - you showing up makes it a good night. Miss you!