Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In the midst of joy and celebration, some sadness

Tonight Barack Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination with his win in Montana and the attainment of delegates there and in South Dakota, which was narrowly won by Senator Clinton. I am delighted at this historic event, and look forward to beating John McCain like a red-headed stepchild in the fall election.

However, there is now one fewer blog on The Endless Blogroll, and I probably should have done it sooner. You will no longer find Tennessee Guerrilla Women there, because Egalia has finally gone too far.

Via Kleinheider, I learned that Egalia is advocating that feminists leave the Democratic Party. I refuse to link to her and drive any traffic there, because, this, in a word, is bullshit. Yup, go vote for John mcCain and watch as he helps to take reproductive rights away from women, along with a lot of other rights. Sure, ladies, go right ahead and help McCain take you back to the barefoot and pregnant days all because Hillary ran a shitty campaign that assumed she would be a lock. Obama out smarted her and made better decisions, and that's why he's the nominee and she isn't.

You think I'M pissed? Go check out Aunt B. and Mack!

First, Aunt B:

Is Obama perfect? No. Should he have spoken out more directly about the blatant misogyny Clinton faces in her campaign. Yes. Are we, as women, going to have to be vigilant no matter who the candidate is, when it comes to our rights? Yes.

But holy Jesus, leaving the Democratic party because you didn’t get your way?

What? Now that you’re pushing retirement and not having any more kids, you can just turn your back on feminism? Is that it? It doesn’t matter to you if Roe v. Wade is overturned because you’re not going to need an abortion so fuck the rest of us? It doesn’t matter if women ever achieve equal pay for equal work because you’re leaving the job market so fuck the rest of us? You’d throw your lot in with the Republicans?


Did misogyny play a role in Hillary’s defeat? Sure, particularly in the media. There is every reason to be mad about that. Work to change it. How many candidates of color went down in flames simply because of their race throughout the years? We’ll never really know, but one cannot credibly argue that misogyny was more rampant than racism.

Meanwhile, as Egalia continues to don her blinders, oppressive legislation continues to be proposed by her supposed enemy, The Radical Right. How does widespread disunity among Democrats help to combat it?

Great stuff, go click on the links and read it ALL.

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Sharon Cobb said...

I'm redoing my Tennessee blogroll, and egalia is the only liberal I'm not adding.

It's very painful for me. I really looked up to her.