Friday, June 06, 2008

I forgot, it's FEEL GOOD FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Thanks to 'Mute for reminding me. I got something here NONE of y'all are gonna beat unless Winifred Atwill is resurrected to play live.

at the 2006 Memphis Music & Heritage Festival, I noticed that my first act was this nice looking middle class family out of Tupelo called the Homemade Jamz Blues Band. Oh great, a kids act, just what I need. Then, I HEARD them and nearly broke into tears, I could say more, but just watch the video and see what I mean:


PeskyFly said...

I went young too. But with a twist.

Julie said...

that is fabulous!

Sharon Cobb said...

That was GREAT! And it's also another weapon in the arsenal of why we must have music in the schools!

I was doing an RFK thing all day, so I didn't put my music video up as a "Feel Good Friday" one, because it was more contemplative than feel good.

But next week, I look forward to kicking your butt.


Newscoma said...

I went bad this week.
Bad yet ...