Sunday, November 30, 2008

OK, so I'm almost back to normal

I'm not sure if it was something I ate, or EVERYTHING that I ate, but I have been down for the weekend.  There was no Feel Good Friday here because I didn't, but it shall return this week.

Now then, we have had much happen in the last few days in my absence.  I don't feel like I know enough to comment about the Mumbai situation; to be honest, I have avoided the news reports, because we have enough to worry about here at home.

We have to hope that Congress has the cojones NOT to let Bush, Cheney & company complete their unmitigated looting of the US treasury before January 20; fortunately, the new, more Democratic Congress takes over January 3 and we can finally begin triage.

On other subjects, I really felt bad for Phillip Fulmer last night on his final game at UT, even though, as usual, I pulled against them.  He has given the majority of his life to that school, and they gave him the boot (albeit probably into a job somewhere in the Athletic Department) any way.  

In his place, they hire a guy whose only head coaching experience was surviving Al Davis for a little over a year.  (Bill Callahan, anyone?) Let's see how THAT works out for them.  Given that they are in a division where they are the ONLY non-bowl eligible school, they could be in for tough sledding for a while.

The Tigers are 6-6 and headed for a bowl, feel the excitement? Nah, me neither.  This is a team that should be 9-3 if they had been better conditioned earlier in the year, and their probable reward is their 3rd visit to the New Orleans Bowl in 6 years.  

Either they will face an excellent Troy squad, or they will get a rematch with the ASU Red Wolves, a thought which should cause the UM athletic department's blood to run cold.  While A-State will sell their allotment in a hurry (the last time they went to the New Orleans Bowl was in 2005, after Katrina, played in LAFAYETTE!), I suspect getting Tiger football fans to shell out $$$ for a trip to New Orleans to see a rematch with ASU will be a very difficult sell.  

Ah, remember the days when Tiger fans dreamed of getting to a bowl, ANY bowl?

Well, I apologize for the dearth of writing of late, we're trying to get back into it, more later!