Monday, November 03, 2008

With thanks to Jeannette and G-Town Democrats..

Attention Democratic Party / Obama Campaign Poll Watchers and Voter Protection Team:

We want to remind you that persons declare U.S. citizenship when registering to vote. Accordingly, if a person's name appears on the poll book on election day, there is no basis for any poll worker or poll watcher to challenge a voter's citizenship status.

Voters who ask for translator help have an absolute right to assistance – no matter what any poll official or other poll watcher may say.

All our poll watchers Tuesday should be on the lookout for either poll officials who deny a voter the right to have someone help them vote, or for poll watchers who try to encourage poll officials to do so. We suspect this will come up in the area of voters who appear Hispanic or Latino, or perhaps with other first languages and some difficulty with English so they want and need help from a translator.

Anyone who spots this problem – please get the particulars – names, location, voter contact info – and call in immediately. Try not to let the voter take "no" for an answer. But even if they go ahead and vote, get their name, address and contact info, and call the Democratic Voter Protection Hotline at 901-922-6000 immediately.

Again, if you witness any of this activity tomorrow please call 901-922-6000 to provide our legal team with (1) the name of the voter and his/her contact information and (2) the polling location where the voter tried to or did vote.

Thank you for your hard work on behalf of Barack Obama and all of our Democratic candidates for office and for taking time out of your busy schedules to serve as poll watchers and on the voter protection team on Election Day. The number at the Obama volunteer office is 767-8331 if you have any problems using the other number.