Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whole lotta ass-coverin' goin' on!

Before I say anything more, I want you to read the insightful Mr. Baker's conversation with Senate Democratic Caucus spokesman Mark Brown.  Your not-so-humble Cracker offered a comment at the end, but that's NOT why I want you to read it.

Go on, I'll wait.

Done? Ok, your next assignment is to read the fabulous Aunt B. , whom I had the great fortune to meet last night in Nashville (more on that in a minute).  Again, I'll wait.

(pours glass of tea, sips, savors)

Finished?  Great, now let's talk!

The blatant ass-covering done by Mr. Brown (shot full of holes by many, though it is NOT Mr. Brown's fault, he's only the messenger, to be fair) ignores the fact that A) almost ALL of Tennessee's Democratic leadership in both chambers supported Clinton (save Congressmen Cohen and Cooper) and B) that Obama was TOLD by Bredesen to stay out of Tennessee.  Now, whose freakin' fault is it REALLY?

Add to that the fact that, despite all the horrific thoughts TN GOP Chair Robin Smith and Propaganda Minister William Howard Hobbs provoke in our Democratic heads, the fact is that we had NO coherent message to present to the voters, other than that they were BY GOD GOING TO MAKE ROSALIND KURITA PAY!

Well, they even fucked that up, people.  Yes, Rosalind Kurita did a bad (or maybe not) thing by throwing the octogenarian John Wilder under the bus, and yes, she needed to go, but had they done the SMART thing and denied her a place in the Democratic Primary, AS THE STATE AND LOCAL PARTIES HAD EVERY RIGHT TO DO, no one would have thought her the second coming of Joan of Arc.

I understand the reasons given for taking the procedure that they did, but only a old hack like me would understand, the average voter felt sorry for her and thought we treated her badly.  That contributed to the epic spiral downward for the TNDP.

That, of course, is the bad news.  Here is some GOOD news: there are people who realize change is NECESSARY, and some of them are actual elected officials!!!!

I went to Nashville last night and met with one such official (sorry, can't tell ya who!), along with the aforementioned Aunt B. of NashVegas, along with our beloved Newscoma and the equally beloved Squirrel Queen for a frank discussion of our sorry state of affairs.

Much was discussed, but all off the record; however, I CAN tell you that they are more discussions ahead, and that the parties involved are serious about the situation.  The other thing I CAN tell you is that this official told me that Senator Douglas Henry IS running for re-election next year, too bad for you, Bob Krumm!  Senator Henry told this official that earlier yesterday, so it's ON for 2010, which is good news for rebuilding.

I am delighted that we have Democratic officials doing more reachout to the blogosphere, it is something that our local elected officials have done well and are improving all the time.  We CAN be of assistance; however, always know that we are here to help, but also to critique!

Ok, enough rambling for now, but help is on the way!


Mr Turnbow said...

LWC why is Henry running for re-election good news for rebuilding? He's as old as the hills. Oh by the way, keep in mind Wilder and Buck said they were running as well up until a few months before the filing deadline this year.

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