Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's been busy, and it could get busier

As you may have read over at Vibinc's place, former House Majority Leader and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Kim McMillan of Clarksville came to Drinking Liberally last night; we hope to have pictures up later. She is friendly, down to earth, and impressed me that she has the personality and skillsets necessary to lead the state. It's still early, but I liked what I heard. go click on her name and check out the website.

Tonight, I attended a reception and then an impromptu gathering afterwards featuring House Speaker Kent Williams (CCR -Elizabethton), House Democratic Leader Gary Odom (D-Nashville), and House Democratic Caucus Chair Mike Turner (D-Old Hickory). Williams impressed me off the bat as being someone who has a understanding of where we are as a state and that now is not the time for silliness, and as someone who will work with anyone, but NOT someone who suffer fools (Hello, Stuntbaby of Germantown) gladly. He is still very much a Republican, but one who knows that we have to get things done in Nashville, because people are suffering.

This is Speaker Williams' first ever visit to Memphis, and we welcome him as he tours the city this weekend.

I also met with SCDP Chair candidate Javier Bailey, I will be talking to him further as several of us in the blogosphere meet all Chair candidates. He understands the problems, we will talk more about solutions later.

Well, there will be more as the weekend goes on, it's time to hit the hay.


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