Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No, I'm not gone, I'm coming back NOW.

It's just been busy, until last night and this morning, when I got little sleep due to, ahem, an active lower GI system. Let's leave it there, shall we?

All righty then. First, if you haven't been in awhile, come on out to Drinking Liberally in the heart of the University District Wednesday night. We are at RP Billiards at 525 South Highland from 7-9 PM (and sometimes later) every Wednesday night, and we'd love to see you.

We are now getting a sense of potential candidates for SCDP Chair, and some interesting choices are out there, from former Gooper/current Democratic County Commissioner JW Gibson, former president of the local National Bar Association Van Turner, longtime SCDP ExecCom member and officer Cherry Davis, 2007's runner-up Jay Bailey, and there are rumblings that 2006 Congressional candidate Lee Harris may take a run at the job.

This blog, along with others in the area, plan to be observers and reporters this time out; I am not planning, at this time, to make any kind of endorsement. I will, if they don't schedule the Ward & Precinct Caucus for the weekend that the Lovely Lauren and I are in Dallas for NTIF, attend and participate (as will she - BWAHAHAHA!). I will not make pronouncements as I have the last two times out. I intend to just let it wash over me, and cooperate with other bloggers who may have more in-depth plans (more later).

Whomever corrals the Convention and captures a majority of the ExecCom needs to be reminded of one important thing: last year nearly proved the SCDP to be completely irrelevant. The hell-on-wheels volunteers of Obama 08 in Big Shelby did it all without any help from the local or state Party (especially the state Party, who seemed frightened that Obama would take them all down, so they didn't campaign - and went down). Fortunately, now that Chip Forrester is working on righting the state Party, I feel better about our chances going forward.

And so it is locally, where it is time to re-organize. I really hope that ALL the Obama volunteers show up and take part in the W/P Caucuses, the Convention, and the SCDP afterwards. If it's the same old folks (I can say that as an old hack who's been around a while), the SCDP will continue to snooze and rest on the fact that the County is majority African-American, building little or nothing in the process.

Harsh, Cracker? Yep. Aren't you partially responsible? Yes, for not being loud enough or at the wrong time. I have a chance to help correct that, and I intend to, by providing the best possible information so that those of you who participate have the clearest idea in choosing the best possible ExecCom, Chair and Officers.

Whomever serves and runs the SCDP needs to start raising money ASAP and recruiting GOOD candidates for County offices for the 2010 elections. Now, while the ExecCom cannot take sides in a primary fight, they do need to A) ENCOURAGE people to run who care about providing the highest level of public service and B) DISCOURAGE people who are just looking to suck on the public tit and hire their buddies. That is NOT what government is about.

You want to yell at me about this, comment, or come to DL tomorrow night and yell at me in person!


leftwingcarolinablue said...

Have fun on your trip. How long ill the Cracker be gone?

leftwingcarolinablue said...

Meant "will," not "ill."