Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's get behind Senate Bill 209.

My Senator, Beverly Marrero, and my friend from House 89, Jeanne Richardson, are working together on this bill, which would enable terminally ill patients to use marijuana to ease their pain in their final days.

In certain situations, marijuana is the only thing that will reduce the pain and suffering of these patients, and it is a just and humane thing to do. There is no real justification NOT to support this bill, and I hope that you will call your legislators and ask them to support SB 209/HB 368.


captainkona said...

This is a particularly steep hill to climb in Tennessee, but climb it we will.
I always hope that if the inexcusably inept leadership in our state won't do this out of compassion for their fellow man, at least they could recognize the fact that TN is second only to California in Marijuana production annually and a multi-Billion dollar industry is right at our fingertips.

Whatever concerns them the most, this needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

Now they're talkin'. Let's see what other groups that need allies for their agenda get behind this?

You roll my log, I'll roll yours.

captainkona said...

Last year, that bastion of intellectual perdition, Drew Johnson, and his Center for Policy Research or whateverthefuck it's called got behind the issue.

Obviously there was ulterior motivation. Hopefully the little maggot still has his eyes set on something.