Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cohen Did The Right Thing Bringing in the DOJ, This is Officially FUBAR

First, my apologies to the entire Democratic ticket, this election, from everything that I am hearing, was FUBAR.

This is NOT, as reported earlier, about those who voted provisionally, but those who were turned away and/or threatened with being charged with voter fraud.  The fact that the wrong voter file was loaded into the system (and I am receiving reports that people who did NOT EVEN VOTE IN MAY were affected by this problem) shows incompetence from the EC.

This was not just happening to people of color either.  Mike Carpenter (who apparently deleted this tweet from his file, because I can't find it through TweetDeck) responded to one of my tweets that he had received many calls from GOP voters with problems.

Bill Gibbons had to call in the TBI because HE was one of the affected voters, folks, and as such could not investigate it.  Now, Steve Cohen called in the Department of Justice, and he was right to do so, because there are so many things that do not add up about the EC's handling of this election that I believe it may have to be thrown out, and I did not believe that 72 hours ago.

Now I do.

There was a meeting Wednesday night at the IBEW Hall on Madison, and nearly 500 people showed up to sign affidavits and tell their stories about voting problems on Election Day.  There will be another meeting, as noted below, this Friday afternoon at 3 PM at the AFSME Union Hall, MLK Center, at the SE corner of Beale and Danny Thomas.  If you had problems on Election Day trying to vote, EVEN IF YOU DID GET TO VOTE, please come to this meeting if at all possible, and if you did not get to go to Wednesday's meeting.

The integrity of this AND FUTURE ELECTIONS is at stake, folks.  Please take part if you had any problems!

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