Tuesday, August 03, 2010

MMHF wants YOU!

The Memphis Music and Heritage Festival is just a few short months away!!
You are receiving this announcement because you have signed up for information about events at the Center for Southern Folklore, have been a valuable volunteer in the past, or have asked to be a part of the 23rd  Memphis Music and Heritage Festival.
(Well no, I'm on the Board and I'm putting it up so YOU, dear reader, can be a part of this magnificent event!)
We would like to welcome all y’all to come out and participate in what has become THE music and cultural event of the year in Memphis.  Please take a moment and explore the opportunities that are offered by being a festival volunteer.
One of the most amazing facts about an enormous undertaking like the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival is that it’s produced by the Center for Southern Folklore with a full and part-time staff of only a half dozen people.  The secret is VOLUNTEERS.  Every year, dozens of Memphians and Mid-Southerners contribute their time and their energy to a variety of jobs – setting up vendor booths, serving dinners, keeping the trolley tracks clear, decorating Main Street with festive lighting and so on.  This volunteer spirit makes it a truly Memphis festival and represents all the good things about our region that the Center celebrates every day.
If you or your organization would like to be part of the special team of volunteers that produces the Memphis Music & Heritage FestivalSaturday and Sunday, September 4th & 5th  -  Click here to fill out volunteer application  or call 901.525.3655 for more information. 

The Festival staff asks that prospective volunteers attend the remaining volunteer orientation meeting on Wednesday, August 18 at 6:00 p.min the Folklore Store at 123 S. Main.  There, volunteers will meet the staff, learn about the duties involved, and get a background briefing about the Festival.  Whether your volunteer form has been filled out, all volunteers are welcome to attend this meeting.  The staff will do their best to put this year’s volunteers into positions fitting their desired placement and overall abilities.

Thanks for your help and support. We look forward to seeing you soon at our 2010 Memphis Music & Heritage Festival!

STEVE again - I can tell you that you will have a great time and enjoy yourself, and remember this - per the Weather Channel, the Average high for September 4 and 5 is ONLY 88 degrees, with average lows of 68 degrees, so we should be past this horrible heat by then! 

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