Friday, August 06, 2010

The SCDP is calling SHENANIGANS!

Here's a press release from Van Turner, SCDP Chair:

I stand with Randy Wade and the other Democratic Nominees in calling for a federal probe and investigation into yesterday’s election.  Bill Giannini, Chairman of the Shelby County Election Commission, stated that the problems regarding voters being told they early voted was resolved at noon.  We have received several reports indicating that this was not the case.  In fact, one report indicated that both Regina Morrison Newman and District Attorney Bill Gibbons encountered this situation around 5:00 p.m., and they both had to vote with provisional ballots.  
Also, Chairman Giannini indicated that there may have been several hundred persons affected at most.  This is down from the 3,000 persons he suspected were affected earlier.  Our question is how can you know who was affected without an investigation. Furthermore, we submitted information regarding individuals who were turned away at the polls and the Shelby County Election Commission ignored this information.  In another instance, we requested that a tape be run for early voting and shared with the respective parties before any uplinking occurred.  We were again denied this request.  The actual response given was that it would take too long to honor the request they did not want the election results would be delayed. Our ability to review these tapes was the only accurate way we had to double check what actually occurred during early voting.  Once again, the inaction on behalf on the Tennessee General Assembly to remove the diebold machines from the voting process or implement optical scanners has left us wondering if the election results were accurate. 
For More Information, Please Contact:
Van Turner, Chair
Shelby County Democratic Party
Post Office Box 40864
Memphis, TN 38174-0864
Phone:  901-283-5017 

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