Friday, August 20, 2010

What part of CIVIL RIGHTS IS CIVIL RIGHTS Does Bill Morrison Fail to Understand?

You know, I have always supported Councilor Bill Morrison, I've gone to fundraisers for him and generally been an advocate for him.

So, why the hell did THIS happen? (from Grand Divisions):

But that didn't happen at the first reading. Councilwoman Barbara Swearengen Ware objected to the inclusion of the ENDO and threatened to vote against the entire consent agenda if it was not voted on separately.

After the ENDO was knocked out of the consent agenda, Councilman Bill Morrison took advantage of the situation to introduce a substitute ordinance that gutted the inclusive ENDO. His substitute ordinance contained no provisions protecting employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. His substitute proposed protections based on non-merit factors that are already explicitly defined in current municipal, state, and federal law.

Before the moment that Morrison introduced his substitute ordinance, no one on the Council or the public had been given an opportunity to review the ordinance. He acted in secret and broke a campaign pledge he made when he ran for office to support lgbt-inclusive workplace protections.

What the hell? No, really, Bill, what the hell?  Fortunately your motion was thoroughly defeated and the  ENDO (Employment Non-Discrimination Ordinance) was approved on the first reading, with two more to go.  I know you represent Frayser and Raleigh, but come on here, you got a LOT of support from TEP, and you back-stabbed them.


I expect that from an old hack like Ware, who is worthless and who hopefully will get run out of office by Scott Banbury next year (if she's not indicted first), but not from YOU, Bill.  You've always appeared to be progressive, and lots of us supported you over Antonio Parkinson, so what the hell?  Who got to you?

You see, folks, gay people may never have had water hoses shot at them, (or been shot at, PERIOD), but discrimination against them DOES exist, and it needs to stop.  NOW.  As a dear friend of mine says, this is not about special rights, this is about the BILL OF RIGHTS.  The ENDO must pass, and I don't care if it harelips every jackleg preacher in town.

At the end of the day, whether you like it or not, being gay is who they ARE, not what they DO.  That's why this matters, and why it is insane for people who understand discrimination all too well to say, oh no, not for the gays.  that, in fact, is obscene, all things considered.

Morrison, you got some splainin' to do, and fast.  2011 is only next year, and you may well have provoked something you didn't want if you can't explain this properly.  Don't tell me that "this was about protecting business"; this is about CIVIL RIGHTS, pal.

You don't want to be on the wrong side of that, do you?


sbanbury said...

Thanks for outing me ;-)

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Word, Cracker. Word.

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