Thursday, August 12, 2010


I received this a while ago from Regina Newman, County Trustee, who is part of the investigation:

We have 2 experts from Black Box Voting, plus Cardell Orrin, Darrick Harris, 
George Monger & Shep (Wilbun). Del Gill was with them when they arrived at 1 pm. After 
being stalled by SCEC & their substitute atty (John Ryder out of town), at 3:30 pm, 
team called me because SCEC had called the Sheriffs on them. I tried to reach 
Ryder, counsel for the SCEC, since our counsel was out of town.  David Cocke 
agreed to come out to the Ops ctr to fill in for our counsel.
When I arrived around 4, Channel 3 was here. Shortly thereafter, David Cocke 
arrived to argue with the SCEC counsel & Dewun Settle arrived as the 
Chancellor's special master to mediate issues. Following the first & immediate 
argument regarding the access which had already been agreed to & which the law 
allows & which the atty argued was proprietary to Diebold.   
Settle advised that he was staying & the inspection would go forward. Before we 
could get into the machine room, SCEC atty then advised that it was 4:40 & the 
IT staff had gone home so nothing could be provided. 
After numerous more arguments & Holden & SCEC atty disappearing into the 
tabulating rm unsupervised for over 30 mins, then we had more waiting.  Jackson 
Baker, Channel 3 & Mike Matthews have been here.
JB & Matthews & cameraman were here when a trash bag was found containing signed 
poll printouts with vote totals. Many were recorded on video.
Eventually, after argument about who were the appropriate representatives to 
enter the server rm, Darrick Harris, Cardell Orrin, Bev Harris of BB voting, 
David Cocke & I were allowed to enter the server/tabulating rm, with Holden & 
his counsel. Bev began explaining what we needed. SCEC atty threw a fit & said 
she was trying to order a county employee around. He called off everything. Then 
there was another argument before the court's representative where SCEC 
complained of a rude Yankee manner by Bev & said everything was called off right 
then. We then submitted that Cardell would be the Southern interpreter & all of 
Bev's requests would go thru Cardell. Ridicuous but true. (LWC note: My bolding for emphasis).
We were then able to have Mr Holden via Cardell's translation, download certain 
info to disks to review. 
Battery dying. More later. Still at OPs ctr.

Cracker here.  What in the hell are Giannini and Holden trying to hide?  Why can they NOT provide this list of people who voted on Election Day?  What about the vote totals in the garbage bags?  Aren't those supposed to be kept for archive purposes for a time?


Vvixen said...

Wow! Elections in Shelby County are seldom this exciting!

My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died said...

Here's the thing they are trying to hide. There are about 5,000 "known" people who had problems voting on elections day. Those 5000 or so people knew they had not voted early and complained about the problem when they DID show up to vote.

Now, who know how many more thousands were not "effected" by the problem simply because they never actually showed up to vote. There will have the pre-loaded votes recorded as if they had, in fact, cast those votes but there won't be signed printouts where those voters voted because they weren't present to sign the print outs OR to vote. Therefore, it is necessary that other printouts there were signed be missing too.

This has been going on for quite some time, and, it seems, Republicans are testing out their control of the voting machines all over the country (in Democratic primaries e.g., south carolina) just to see how the plans they've made work. Unfortunately, in Shelby County, because this wasn't a pure primary, but was also partly a General Election, they got a little more attention than they planned.

Let's hope Bev with Black Box voting is given all she requests.

BTW, WHY DO YOU THINK that a local attorney who is representing the SCEC is attempting to stop everything to protect Diebold's "proprietary information?" That proprietary information, for the information of those who don't know, is the "how" used to make republicans win elections, as the president of Diebold "promised" George W. Bush they would do.

The only thing that has surprised me about this entire ordeal is that the LWC tried to just blow it off as nothing at first.

sbanbury said...

I've got my pitchfork sharp and shiny--when do we get down to the serious business?