Thursday, September 02, 2010

Here is your FINAL MMHF Schedule for this weekend!


Heads up, Crackerphiles, unless something dramatic happens, your Cracker is now in FESTIVAL mode. There won't be any posts until Monday at the earliest. Come down this weekend, the weather is going to be exquisite, nothing short of it. You will want to be outside, come down and hang with us. I will be at the ArtsMemphis stage, and I will be live-tweeting from my stage and twit-picing as well. Look for hashtag #MMHF for all festival tweets. Go also to the Center's Facebook page at

Saturday, Sept. 4  Sunday, Sept. 5
 ArtsMemphis Stage @ Peabody Place & Main St.
ArtsMemphis Stage @ Peabody Place & Main St.
 2:00pm MouseRocket Indie, Cello Pop  1:30pm Hickory Withe
 3:00pm Devil Train  Blue grass Jam Band   2:30pm Voice of Golden Eagle  Cherokee Flute
 4:00pm Stevenson Clark  Gospel Choir Ensemble  3:30pm Promise  Gospel Jazz
 5:00pm Los Cantadores  Latin
  4:30pm Daddy Mack
 Blues Band
 5:45pm Watoto Memphis  Latin Dance  5:15pm Watoto Memphis  Blues Dance
 6:00pm  Elmo &
 the Shades
  5:30pm John Paul Keith &
 the 145s
 Rock, Country
 7:00pm Bluff City
 Jug Band
  6:30pm Sonny Burgess &
 the Pacers
 7:45pm Watoto Memphis  Ragtime Dance
  7:30pm The Brown Singers  Gospel
 8:00pm Joyce Cobb  Jazz, Rock, Blues  8:30pm Reba Russell Blues Band  Blues
 9:00pm  Darrell Petties
 & SIP
 Gospel  9:30pm Funzo Crush aka Young AJ
 ft. Al Kapone
10:15pm  Bobby Rush  Soul, R&B 10:15pm Hill Country Revue  Indie Blues
 Folklore Store Stage @ 123 S. Main St.  Folklore Store Stage @ 123 S. Main St.
 1:15pm Roy Harper  Old-time Country  1:15pm Roy Harper  Old-time Country
 2:15pm  Nancy Apple  Alternative Country
  2:15pm  Lauren Strange  Pop
 3:15pm William L. Ellis &
 Jimmy Crosthwait
 Songwriting Workshop  3:00pm Bill Shipper  Funny Folk
 4:15pm Tonya Dyson &
 Green Onions
 Neo-Soul  4:00pm Deborah Swiney  Jazz
 5:15pm The Josh Shoe Band  Bluegrass  4:55pm The Paperboyz  Hip-Hop, Rap
 6:15pm Don McMinn  Blues, Boogi Woogie   5:15pm Last Chance Jug Band  Jug Band
 7:15pm Sidney, Cidney,
 Jazz  6:15pm Cody Dickinson Project  Experimental
 8:15pm The Sultana  Gothic Americana  7:15pm Sons of Mudboy
 Small Band
 9:15pm  William Lee Ellis  Blues  8:15pm Valerie June  Folk
  9:15pm Eden Brent  Blues
 Comcast Folklore Hall Stage @ 119 S. Main St. Comcast Folklore Hall Stage @ 119 S. Main St.
 2:45pm Barbara Blue  Blues  2:45pm The Agitators Blues
 3:45pm  The Jumpin' ChiChis  Jazz  3:45pm Memphis Klezmer Orchestra  Klezmer
 4:45pm The Kattawar
 Boogie Woogie  4:45pm Moments of Joy Gospel
 5:45pm The Golden Keys  Gospel  5:45pm Eddie Bond Country, Rockabilly
 6:45pm Lisa Lambert
 & the PRB
 Bluegrass  6:45pm  Papa Top's
 Westcoast Turnaround
 7:45pm Jack Oblivian &
 the TN Tearjerkers
 Garage Rock  7:45pm Orange Mound
 Jazz Messengers
 8:45pm Blind Mississippi
 Blues  9:00pm Kate Campbell Folk
 Tennessee Arts Stage @ Main St. and Gayoso Tennessee Arts Stage @ Main St. and Gayoso
 12:30pm Randal Morton Banjo Workshop12:00pm Valerie & Jason Children's Songs
 1:00pm Watoto Memphis African Dance Clinic12:30pm  Watoto Memphis African Dance Clinic
 1:30pm David Evans Jug Band Workshop  1:00pm Pyramid Dancers Belly Dance
 2:00pm  Desert Rose Belly Dance  1:30pm Michael Graber & Jason Freeman Kazoo & Jug Workshop
 2:30pm David Bowen Guitar & Memphis Music Workshop  2:00pm Chang Shu Chinese Dance & Martial Arts
 3:00pm Danza Azteca
 Aztec Dance  3:15pm The Jazz Collective Big Band
 3:30pm  Johnny Yancey &
 the SJO
 Big Band  4:15pm Smoochy Smith Trio Rockabilly
 4:30pm Sweet Angel R&B  5:00pm Millennium Madness Drill & Drum Show Team
 5:15pm Millennium Madness Drill & Drum Show Team  5:15pm Memphis Harmonizers Gospel
 5:30pm The True Sons
 of Thunder
 Rock, Metal
  6:15pm Star & Micey Folk Pop
 6:30pm The Bell Singers Gospel  7:00pm Watoto Memphis Folk Dance
 7:15pm Watoto Memphis Gospel Dance  7:15pm The Mellow Tones Gospel
 7:30pm The Bo-Keys Soul  8:15pm  FreeWorld Jam, Rock, Funk
 8:30pm Symbiosis Latin  9:30pm Homemade Jamz Blues Band Blues
 9:30pm Exodus Reggae 

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