Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Open Letter to CVS

Now, one might surmise from the prior post that I don't like you or want you in my neighborhood at Park & Highland.  That is not necessarily so; you have the right to compete with Walgreen's wherever you can.  It's not without reason that my friend Mike Brester has joked that "Walgreen's wants to make sure you never have to walk more than 500 feet to find one of their stores".

I have no problem with your decision to locate a store on the northeast corner of park & Highland; Yums will move up Highland and we will lose a pawn shop, so that's a net positive in my book. 

However, we need to get something straight here: you are not doing my neighborhood a favor by coming here; we are doing YOU a favor by allowing it.  Therefore, you need to pay attention to the University District Overlay and build the damn thing to the front of Park!

We are NOT Arlington or Lakeland or unincorporated Shelby County.  We are an URBAN neighborhood and believe that is a GOOD thing.  We don't want another store with an endless parking lot out front.  Put it in the back of the store; you can create access lanes off Park and/or Highland, with a well-lighted parking lot.  You don't want to look like the Walgreen's across the street, right?

Always remember that this is OUR neighborhood, and whether we decide to shop at CVS will be determined by how we are treated by you.  You serve at OUR pleasure, not vice versa.  I actually want to see this work, there's nothing wrong with giving Walgreen's competition and forcing them to step up their game.

However, CVS, you need to do the right thing and follow the neighborhood plan for the University District.

We'll be watching.


Babbling Boomer said...

I agree with you LWC, but good luck on getting any cooperation from CVS. After all we saw how they and the city council responded to mid-towners not wanting one at Cooper and Union.

Steve Steffens said...

Strickland and Flinn (who actually REPRESENT the area) voted against CVS, Conrad and Hedgepeth (who allegedly represent the area) voted WITH CVS.

As for the the other 8, who voted for CVS, it's really fitting that they think they know what's better for our area than our own Councilors.

They had better watch their butts next year; payback can be a PITA, baby!

callmeishmael said...

This reminds me of folks in the left wing neighborhood of a nearby city in a nearby state. They call their haven "paradise," but really it is little more than a place for left-wing do-gooders to keep their manicured lawns who believe in little except platitudes that only slightly inconvenience them. These people seem to do little or nothing to build relationships with people, even each other; they do so, however, love their power to dictate how "their" neighborhood looks to the wretched world outside their enclave.
CVS will, as you should know, provide jobs for people who are either un or underemployed; they will provide tax revenues for your so well-run city and county governments that will then know how best to dispense those funds to enhance the, say, educational level of your neighborhood and city's children or, say again, provide adequate police protection to people who work and live in the neighborhood. CVS will also make obtaining perscriptions and other basic goods more readily available for people who have no form of transportation other than the kindness of strangers or the so-well run MATA. It will help to keep these working poor people for whom you spend so much time caring from having to purchase their necessities in grossly overpriced convenience stores. How is that problematic to the liberal do-gooders in Memphis or anywhere else?
CVS will be a business. Why is that as apparently shocking as the discovery of gambling in Casablanca? Why do you continually insist that businesses operate under increasingly restrictive rules such as having some government agency tell them where they can build their parking lot? You do not, it seems to me, want business in the U of M neighborhood. But you are certainly willing to have them provide the services you require to maintain the lifestyle to which you have grown accustomed. Rant over...

Steve Steffens said...

With all due respect, Ish, I think EVERY neighborhood should have the right to have Germantown-like zoning laws. if I wanted to live in a neighborhood that looked like a suburb, I would move to one.

CVS WANTS to be here, and I want them to be there, but you need to remember that EVERY business operates under laws and regulations; this is not a bazaar in Morocco where we haggle over everything.

CVS isn't going to leave over this; they will make too much money. It's time to be firm.

No hippie-punching allowed, either.

callmeishmael said...

Well, no hippie punching as it were and no rooting against the U of Memphis when they play ASU too. Oh, I forgot, you LIKE the ASU Broy--er, Red Wolves... That being the case, here is something I hope you will find as enjoyable as I: It comes from that long-running conveyor of musical profundity, HEE HAW: "Where, oh where is Frank tonight? Why did he leave Jonesboro all alone? The Wolves searched the paddies over and thought they found true and new love. But Frank met another and "WHEW," he was gawn....

Steve Steffens said...

I think you just re-killed Grandpa Jones.

Wintermute said...

I didn't know you or any of your neighbors owned the whole neighborhood. I bet you just own an equity in one crummy small residential lot in the neighborhood, yet you want to exercise Socialist control over other people's real estate holdings.

MemphisPI said...

Callmeishamael your position is just the standard reply from your political position without any real knowledge of this location.

1. The neighborhood surrounding the CVS location range from high income to middle income. It is on a bus line but not a major one, i.e such as downtown or a transfer station.

2. This will be the fourth drug store within a half mile on Union Ave. Walgreen's, Rite Aid and Ike's. By the way the Ike's is across the street.

3. Union Ave is one of the most highly traveled streets in Memphis.
It also was the street with some magnificent older homes most of which are now little box commercial sites.

4. Wintermute "socialist" hardly.
What is more laissez-faire than battling a big corp in the market place of public opinion over their plans for expansion. Government regulation is just a tool used by both sides in that fight.

5. If not for this fight against the destruction of our historical buildings Union Ave would be another Germatown Parkway with all it's commercial beauty!

Steve Steffens said...

this is actually about the Park & Highland CVS, which i don't oppose, but I do believe should be held to neighborhood standards.

You want to be able to do what you want with your property? go buy a desert island in the Pacific. otherwise, you live in a community, and you are a part of that community, whether you want to be or not.