Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now, THIS is a great campaign ad!

Yes, it's two minutes long, but it's worth it!  Hat tip to PD.


Babbling Boomer said...

I agree, but may we delve deeper? There is a double helping of hypocrisy here. Obviously a “Family Values” (whatever they are and it does vary with culture) senator going to someone who practices “negotiable hospitality” for a living is a hypocrite. Does strike me as somewhat hypocritical that this ad was probably sponsored by those who said President Clinton's peccadilloes should be a private matter between him and his spouse, which I greed with. Seems no one wants to practice what they preach.

Steve Steffens said...

You dodge the point. Having a fling with an intern is NOT illegal, paying for whores IS illegal, which is the point of the ad.

Nice try.

Babbling Boomer said...

And btw, Adultery was a crime in DC prior to the repeal of the law in 2004.
Next case.