Monday, September 27, 2010

Some things are just simply indefensible.

Just go to Post Politics and HEAR what I am pissed about.  I tried to defend Mike McWherter on the Informed Sources segment that ran last night on WREG, and now I hear that McWherter is attacking Haslam for not being a conservative.

Seriously, does he not understand that at least FIFTY percent of his vote is supposed to come from the LEFT? And when he does idiotic ads like this, he runs the left into the arms of Haslam, who gives the appearance (even if we know otherwise) that he is the right-wing Bredesen (I know, redundant).  If it weren't for Mike Kernell and Steve Cohen (Beverly Marrero is NOT up this year), I would stay home this year.

If this is the best the TNDP can produce, it deserves the butt-whipping it is about to receive.  Only after it has been reduced to ashes can a new party rise up and be what it has to be in order to have any meaning.

As the officer in Vietnam said, "We had to destroy the village in order to save it".  Yup.


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