Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yeah, I Know, Where The Hell Have I Been? Well, Here's Where I Am GOING to BE!

Yes, Richard Ransom and the good folks at NewsChannel 3 invited me back to join with Richard, The ol' Watchdog, Mike Matthews, and Andrew Clarksenior of AM600 to tape Informed Sources today, it will be on Sunday night after NewsChannel 3 at 10.

We talked about the Governor's race (or lack thereof), the TN-08 race, and Afghanistan.  Watch it and they might have me back!

On to other subjects...

First, HOLY CRAP, GONERFEST started YESTERDAY?  I gotta get over there..

Back to Politics:

Well, the Gov's race was summed up perfectly today by El Jefe himself, Jeff Woods of the Nashville Scene:

Hacks and Whores Dominate Democrats for Haslam

Ok, James Harvey?  John Farris? REALLY, guys?  I know John Farris has backed away from politics to focus on the family law firm, but didya have to do this?  

James Harvey, you best believe if you EVER try to rub as a Democrat here for any race, this is going to be thrown in your face.  You don't like Mike McWherter? Fine? Endorse Mr. Pilot Oil? You best just shut the hell up, dude, or not plan to run as a Democrat for any office.

Now, no one is surprised if Will Pinkston is on that list but there are folks on this list that I am NOT happy with for being there.  James Kerley?? Ron Redwing? Felix Walker? (and NO ONE had better EVER suggest Felix for any Democratic Party business ever again, I don't care WHO he knows. Enough said.)

Mike McWherter is trailing, but he is NOT John Jay Hooker, people.  Yes, he pissed me off, and yes, I wrote in Mabel in the primary, but THAT'S WHAT A FREAKING PRIMARY IS FOR!  It's time to come together, and I see Democrats lining up at the trough whoring themselves out, all about the Benjamins.

I vote with the donkeys, but I have an elephant-like memory, and this will not be forgotten.

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