Monday, November 08, 2010

Commissioner Ford, can I offer some friendly advice?

This profile of newly-elected District 3 Commissioner Justin Ford even brought out David Holt's cranky-old-white-man, and Dave's not even 30 yet:
He manages to talk about himself in the third person and to announce his intention to get elected to Congress, the mayorship, and King of the World (I'm sure the last one got lost in editing.)
 Commissioner Ford, I fear you're getting bad advice; what may work for Yo Gotti may not work for you, especially if you ever want to be elected to any position beyond your district.  First, you've only been on the Commission for TWO MONTHS, you haven't done anything yet, and you got there primarily due to the great work done by your father and your late Uncle James when they held that seat.

To paraphrase an old saying, "Actions talk, bullshit walks".  DO SOMETHING, then you can brag about it all you want.  When you talk in advance about what you're going to do, you put a target on your back, and you look like a fool if you don't achieve what you've said you would achieve.

Want a good role model?  First, look at your father, who did yeoman work first on the City Council and then The County Commission, and rarely bragged even when he had things to brag about.  Too close to home?  Then look at your cousin Edmund on the City Council; he is quiet, but does outstanding work and would have a reasonable chance to win if he decided to run for higher office.  Like your father, he did the work FIRST, then talked about it.

In case you missed the lesson of the August elections, when you run city or county-wide, you have to reach EVERY section of that area.  Even if your father fell short, he proved that Democrats could get votes in areas once thought inhospitable for any candidate with a D next to their name.  Speaking as you did to the CA sends a bad message to those areas, and you will now have to work twice as hard if you ever want higher office.

You're young, and you'll make mistakes, but remember that any mistakes you make now affect not just your fledgling career, but your constituents as well.  You have four years, do what you need to do, but don't TELL us what you're going to do, just do it.

If that happens, you'll be in great shape. If it doesn't, you won't have as much time as you think.


David Holt said...

Get off my lawn.

Tom Guleff said...

I think Justin spoke what most politicos feel inside.