Monday, November 01, 2010

Ok, Here's My Predictions

First, locally, Consolidation loses 2-1 in the County, barely wins in the city but not by enough to matter.

In the School Board races, I think Sara Lewis unseats Sharon Webb in 6, but Rev. Whalum wins in a walk over his two opponents.

In the legislature, NO seats change hands.  Mike Kernell wins 58-42, Jeanne Richardson wins comfortably as well.

Anything else there? Oh, Steve Cohen wins with a minimum of 65% of the vote.

Statewide, Haslam wins 2-1, carrying 85 counties.
In the Congressional races, all incumbents win, counting Lincoln Davis in TN-04, and that is like 51-48.  However, we lose the two seats vacated by Bart Gordon and John Tanner.

In the Senate, George McDonald unseats Mae Beavers in 17, Lowe Finney dodges another bullet in 27 while Stacey Campfield succeeds tim Burchett in 7.  Net Democratic gain: 1.

House wise, the Democrats hold serve in West Tennessee, and Sam Coleman holds the seat from the departing Ben West.  Outside of that, it's not good.  Final totals: R 52, D 46, I (Kent Williams) 1.  Redistricting is not good for us.

Go down to the post below and give me your predictions!

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