Friday, November 12, 2010

Curry Todd Went WAY Over The Line

Now, I don't think for a minute that Curry Todd said anything that the majority of his constituents would oppose; that's why I live in the freaking CITY and not out in the burbs with those morons.  What? You haven't seen the video yet?  Well, hell, go look for yourselves!

This is objectionable on so many levels, but Polar Donkey NAILS why the use of rats as a metaphor for immigrants is so evil: it's the same one the Nazis used to dehumanize the Jews, and he has the video to PROVE it.  (Note: Don't you DARE bring up GODWIN'S LAW to me; only right-wingers use it to justify douchebaggery.)

Curry Todd will not be reproached by his district; hell, they would probably want to execute everyone who doesn't watch FOX NEWS.  If you are an actual left-of-center person who has him for a Rep, I feel for you, but hope you can escape at the earliest moment possible.

If we don't bust the balls of EVERYONE who uses such fascist language (and that IS what it is, nobody uses code like the GOP), then we will be living in a fascist nation, and SOON.  I LOVED yesterday's protests, keep the heat on him.  You damn well know he knows better.

UPDATE: Here's a good take on this from VVixen.

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Vvixen said...

What's so funny is that later, Todd said, "I should have used the term 'anchor baby' instead." Apparently he doesn't know how very insulting that term is as well...

I wrote a post on my Vvixen blog about why Todd's supposed "fiscal" concerns are very short-sighted.
Here's a link: