Sunday, November 28, 2010

It Was A Grand Time

As you are aware, our beloved Newscoma is in the process of becoming NashvilleNewscoma, and they threw a magnificent going-away party at The Looking Glass in Martin last night; yours truly was privileged to attend.  After having a magnificent martini at Olivia's Opera House beforehand, we went across the street for the party.

Her friends, some of whom I had met on my earlier visit, had gotten together to give her a gift, and I was also allowed to take part in that as well. Of course, the night belonged to Trace, as it should have, and she gave a grand going-away speech as expected.  Here it is in fabulous High Definition:


Newscoma said...

There she was, slurring after drinking Parched Zombie of the Lake Beer made by The Engineer and also consuming some pretty dandy wine.


P.S. Thanks for coming and for this morning. I loved sitting on the Hoots Courtsquare talking. It was magical. All of it was. I am one blessed girl.

MemphisPI said...

Great story. The background details really got me though. A martini in Martin. In my day it would have been a cold beer at Cadillac's or Hilary's Underworld. Also women were not allowed at those fine places.

Newscoma said...

He hit Cadillacs too. It's sort of a tradition. :D