Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Asking a question that we never wanted to ask

According to this article by Jackson Baker, it appears that State Senator Kathryn Bowers (D-33) may well be pleading guilty to bribery charges on the day after Labor Day, avoiding a trial.

With this, she will hae to resign her Senate seat, to be sure. It will also mean that she will have to resign as the Democratic nominee for re-election; as a convicted felon, this prevents her service in the Legislature.

If she waits until after the November election, there will have to be a special election called by the governor to fill her seat. However, would it not be true that if she resigned as the nominee at the same time she resigns her seat, that the ExecCom would choose the new nominee, effectively electing a new Senator?

If she is going to plead out and resign, she needs to do it all at one time so that they may choose her successor for the November elections.

I hate all of this, but you know, the government went fishing. Nothing said they had to bite.

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SgtLarry said...

The ballot is frozen 60 days out. If Bowers waits much longer, her name cannot be removed from the ballot (nor can another one be added).

IF she wins despite withdrawing, since her name remained on the ballot, the county commission would appoint an interim senator until the governor called for a special election.