Thursday, August 31, 2006

You MUST watch this.

Keith Olbermann is spectacular. Period. I'll put the Festival up top for the weekend, but right now, this is more important.


Unlisted said...

OUTSTANDING commentary

The right is throwing the label "facist" around with little regard these days.

99% of their argument consists of putting the proper buzz label on their opponent or their idea. It makes it easy in this soundbite world to make one's argument without expressing any ideas.

Some of their successful labels:

Universal Healthcare became "Socialized Medicine"

Choice became "abortion on demand"

Cutting the budget deficit became "tax and spend"

"Activist Judges"

If you cared about the environment at all, then you became a "Tree Hugger"

Makes me think they have people sitting in a room thinking of these things.

Now that they are discredited on most of the above, they only have the war on terror remaining and must use a new buzz word: "Facist"

Another one making rounds on the right wing blogisphere is "moonbat" to make those who disagree with them out to be lunatics. Again, they throw it out without regard.

Freedonian said...

Makes me think they have people sitting in a room thinking of these things.

You would be correct. His name is Frank Luntz. I'm sure you've noticed all Republicans seem to work from the same talking points. He's the guy that comes up with them. And I have to say, he's damn good at his job.

Here's a link to one of the reports he issued to the GOP candidates for the 2006 races. It should be required reading. You need Winzip and Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this report.