Friday, August 04, 2006

We welcome to our blogroll...

the wonderful Sharon Cobb of Nashville, former MSNBC reporter and astute observer of politics and life in the Volunteer State.

She attended the big TDP Victory Party wingding at LP Field (that's what they're calling Adelphia Coliseum these days) that featured that guy running for Senate and the one, the only Big Dog his ownself, William Jefferson Clinton.

Sharon has graciously offered to share her pictures from the event, which include this shot of her with R&B crooner John Legend, who sang for the crowd.

As promised, here is the Big Dog listening to Son of Senior rev up the crowd...

Here's another shot of the dignitaries on stage..

For Junior, now comes reality in the form of Bob Corker, who carried the eastern two-thirds of the state in the Gooper primary. They will wait all of five minutes to attack Junior for being the second coming of George McGovern, despite his record that makes the DLC look leftist by comparison.

Thank you, Sharon, for these pictures and for linking to this "humble" blog!

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