Monday, August 07, 2006

How Green is my Party?

Kos points out that not just the Pennsylvania Green Party, but the NATIONAL Green Party, has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican National Committee, who provided not only money, but FOOT SOLDIERS for these people of virtue.

Here's a choice cut, which Kos
took from

Six staffers on Sen. Rick Santorum's campaign - including an intern who tailed Democratic candidate Bob Casey Jr. in a duck costume - collected voter signatures to help place the Green Party on the fall ballot.



Jim Maynard said...

It is really unfair for you to pin the misdeeds of the Santorum idiots on the Green Party in PA.
The Green Party does not need nor want their "help", and it is unfair to charge them with the crimes of the republicans.

I wish "Democrats" would quit attacking "third parties" that do stand for someting and focus on fixing what is wrong with the Democratic party that is driving many of us away from it.

Mike said...

I am of the opinion that whatever the merits of the Green Party, the real hope, if any, is in turning the Democrats around.

But we can't turn them around if we keep enabling and encouraging the party leadership by voting for the Harold Lieberfords they promote. Vote Corker, vote Green, vote anybody but Ford - or none of the above.

Mark my words. Corker is the lesser of two evils. I will keep saying this: A Republican you can SEE is better than one you can't.

I hope and pray that today (CT) will be the start of a new era. God willing, the MF'ng Bush-appeasers will be quaking in their boots tonight.