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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Welcome to the Blogosphere

We have a new member of the liberal blogsophere in Big Shelby, from the Space Ninja at REMIXX WORLD, seen down and to the right on the blogroll. Also contributing is former 9th District congressional candidate Joe Ford, Jr.; I look forward to his thoughts on local politics!


Space Ninja said...

Thanks for getting the word about my blog.

bob said...

Could you please add autostart="false" to your embed tag for The Corporation?

Space Ninja said...

I believe that all the videos should be fixed so they don't autostart when you visit my blog. Sorry about that.

TN420 said...

You make a damn good Blogosphere Welcome-Wagon, LWC.

Maybe one day Lefty Blogs will see fit to lift their blacklisting of TN420.org and we'll have even more unity. :)

You go, boy.

bob said...

spce ninja, I think it is fixed now. Thanks.