Thursday, November 02, 2006

Aunt B votes for Ford, but ain't happy about it!

With a hat tip to Kleinheider, Aunt B talks about her vote for the "Democrat" running for the Senate. Here's a taste:

I was looking forward to voting for Ford, because his family is so corrupt that it moves beyond offensive clear into awe-inspiring.

But recent events have made me less enthusiastic.

First, I hate all the "I love Jesus" shit. Please, Harold, we live in a predominantly Christian country. Though some Christians are just sure that their culture is under assault from all sides, I'd point out that, as of at least yesterday, you could buy Christmas decorations at Target. Two months, one-sixth of the year, the whole culture is devoted to the birth of Jesus. Of course you love Jesus. That's not a reason to vote for someone; that's a reason to go to church with them.

Go read the rest of it HERE, it only gets better!


newscoma said...

She is, in a word, brilliant.

TN420 said...

Thanx for turning us on to that, LWC.

AuntB conveys in a few paragraphs what many of us have tried to say for months.

Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say, "If you love me, sweet talk your way into the pants of my sheep."


Jason said...

I have no problem with religion influencing his politics. Reading the Bible can inform someone's politics just as well as reading anything else.

It's a fuzzy boundary to delineate between religion and politics as two seperate things. I certainly don't have a problem with, and agree with the stance of, the Friends (Quakers) on war. And the Catholic Church on the death penalty and the gap between the rich and the poor.

If people want to bring Jesus into their politics, why care? It's just a way of viewing the world. As long as religion is not mandated ie 10 Commandments on public property, prayer in schools, who cares? Those things are not going to happen. The people that push them are a vocal minority whose influence is already waning (see Haggarty, et al) as their hypocrisy is exposed.