Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The story of Braxton Moore

As you know, I was initially skeptical of the need for a second Juvenile Court judicial position when Commissioner Deidre Malone first brought it up earlier this month.

However, after learning of the story of Braxton Moore, I am far less skeptical than I was at first. Braxton is 13 years old; however, he functions on the level of a 7-year-old, and he is being bounced around the Juvenile Court System because he was caught with older youths in a series of robberies.

Chaplain Novella Smith Arnold, along with attorney William T. Winchester, has taken up the plight of Braxton Moore, and started a blog to keep everyone aware of the situation, at Braxton & Friends, which you will also see near the top of THE ENDLESS BLOGROLL over on the right side of this blog.

Please go there and read about this situation, and learn how you can aid in this fight; you'll be glad that you did.


captainkona said...

One thing I do know about is being locked up in a criminal justice system that has turned into nothing more than a people farm.

They want to fill the beds and they don't give a flying fuck who they fill them with.
Braxton is one of many challenged people who will be scarred by the experience of living in a lock-up environment.

The system simply does not care what happens to him.

Of course, this is the same "system" that tortures college students with tazers for not having ID, and makes naked pyramids out of prisoners of war.
The same system that I saw murder a prisoner in order to avoid paying for his health care.

Awareness is a good start.
Thanx LWC.

SgtLarry said...

From the website:

Q. How is this case related to the controversy over the appointment of a second Juvenile Court judge?

A. There is no relationship whatsoever.


This started before Judge Person took the bench.

Person does need to start hearing cases. He has already made some much needed changes there and I'm willing to give him a little leeway in imposing his judicial philosophy (a presumption of shared parenting).

However, he did commit in the campaign to hearing cases and he needs to start doing so.

As for a second judge, the way that Malone is doing it is all wrong and smacks of cronyism. Even the Commercial Appeal called it "blantantly partisan".

In fact, IMO, Steven Mulroy's stock for integrity and honesty took a dive when he attempted in a letter to the editor to say there was nothing partisan to it.

Juvenile court needs to be reformed first ... before a second judge is installed.

Reforms that need to take place are pretty simple:

Split the court into criminal and civil division. One judge will preside over each ... thus not stepping on each other.

The prosecutors should come from the AG. Unlike now where the the prosecutors work for the judge!

The clerk should be responsible for the admin duties, not the judge.

BTW, the federal gov't picks up 66% of the cost of a referee but none for a judge. So if Malone's primary concern is, as stated in the news, about the backlog of child support cases, we'd get a bigger bang for the buck by hiring new referees rather than putting in a second judge.

pissedoffdemocrat said...

Did anyone besides me notice that all this took place under former Juvenile Court Judge Kenneth Turner. This from a man who does not have a college degree,a law degree or even a high school diploma. I am in complete a agreement that this all should be handled by a second court system, but it should also be looked into as being invalid. How can a man with no legal education make rulings or even allow rulings like this to take place.

Anonymous said...