Friday, November 10, 2006


Ryan Lizza at TNR's The Plank says that there may be a move afloat to dump Howard Dean as DNC Chair and replace him with......

wait for it...

Harold Ford.

If that happens, I will cancel my Democracy Bonds and renounce any ties to the National, State or Local Democratic Party, they can kiss my ass.



And, to replace him with someone who LOST because HE RAN AWAY FROM DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES! CALL YOUR DNC REPS TODAY!!!!!!

UPDATE: Howard responds; hat tip to THE PLANK again.


Howard Dean spokeswoman Karen Finney emails the following in response to James Carville's
comments below:

After the Republicans have admitted to a thumping, why is it that the only one complaining on the Democratic side is James Carville, who today in addition to trashing Howard Dean, praised the RNC, the outfit that brought us the racist ad that defeated Harold Ford, James' supposed candidate for Chair?

Perhaps he's not aware that under Dean in this midterm election the DNC has raised record cash --- all hard dollars -- including three times as much from major donors, eight times as much online and made a $30 million investment in the '06 cycle, three times as much as the DNC put into the last midterm. Not to mention we made an $8m overhaul of our voter file which was successfully used in 47 states and through the 50 state strategy invested in states like Pennsylvania, Kansas, Indiana and Montana where we had critical victories on Tuesday.

--Ryan Lizza
posted 3:37 p.m.


Brassmask said...

He's too golden.

They gotta knock him down or Hillary might not get to grab the White House in '08.

He's the antithesis of her and the DLC. He wants people powered government, they want top-down government/party.

If that happens, there will be a split. You can bet on it. Someone needs to put Carville down and quick. I hate that bastard.

Anonymous said...

If that happens, I will cancel my Democracy Bonds and renounce any ties to the National, State or Local Democratic Party, they can kiss my ass.

Hah, you'll do what? I'll tell you what you'll do. You will bluster and cuss and fuss and in the end you will fall in line and do whatever they tell you to do, just like you did when you railed against Jr and turned right around and voted for him. Care to debate my statement?< G > (You know you brought this on yourself)

Brassmask said...

I went to get some lunch and remembered that Carville also tipped of Mary (his wife) that Kerry and the gang were going to ask for a re-count in Ohio.

This guy is a traitor to the Democratic Party. I don't know why anyone still trusts him.

I hope they hear about his on Kos.

LeftWingCracker said...

John, you are just determined to rub my nose in it, aren't you?

As it turned out, he STILL lost and we STILL won the Senate and Cohen is STILL going to Congress, so I can live with my moment of weakness...

polar donkey said...

I'm not concerned about this. How many activists in the party support Dean. Enough to get him selected in 2004 on just a faith in his 50 state plan. Now that plan has been proven correct. Dean's had two years to build loyalty and give resources to a whole lot of areas that were neglected. Plus, do you think Pelosi likes or trusts trust Jr? How about Harry Reid. People don't have memories so short that they forget Jr dancing on Gephardt's grave and challenging Pelosi for leadership.

You know I hope they do challenge Dean. I want Jr, Carville, Hoyer, Bayh, Hillary, Emmanuel, Whitman, and even Obama (Audacity of Hope on dez nuts. Try proving yourself in the Senate before your coronation.) to stick their necks out so they can get their heads chopped off. Let's see where people stand. I want to show those Jr kool-aid drinking assholes at Dailykos that Jr is the treacherous, scheming bastard we said he was. We weren't lying when we said Jr could be the most dangerous person to the Democratic party.

In all truth, Dean should be flattered by this. He's obviously scaring the shit out of some corporatists. Changing the funding structure of the party to a large pool of smaller donors and winning is shaking up the boat.

As for a split, I don't think so. Those DLC'ers are leaving. They don't have any popular support. I'm staying in the party. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with conservatives democrats as long as they don't use Republican talking points, and embrace economic populism. Corporatist shills are the one's I have problems with.

Anonymous said...

John, you are just determined to rub my nose in it, aren't you?

As it turned out, he STILL lost and we STILL won the Senate and Cohen is STILL going to Congress, so I can live with my moment of weakness...

It's ok, I just had to bust your chops for that. Next time, you can just vote the straight Republican ticket (something I don't even do) as penance!

Brad Watkins said...

PD is right, there is no way that this is anything but a fantasy....gorilla dust.
..But why say something like this right after a major victory. Why go out of your way to piss off your base. Is he trying to bait the netroots? and if so, what is to be gained from that?

mike said...

It's about Hillary having someone on "her team" for '08 in control of the DNC and the money machine. She and Dean have bad blood; plus he's not controllable or amenable like Ford. Having Ford as DNC Chair helps her.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

First of all:

Kos is a concern troll. Remember how he turned on Junior after Junior expressed his disapproval over the New Jersey Supreme Court Ruling?

Does anyone remember how Junior went on Anus in the Morning and trashed Dean - plus told him not to come down to Tennessee to campaign for him?

Maybe if he'd had Dean in Tennessee instead of the Big Dog, and a grudging appearance from Obama (cause they hate one another), he'd be Senator-elect Ford today, insted of former Congressman Ford.

Carville is toast, and if Kos doesn't comment on this, he's a bigger concern troll than I first thought.

Jim Maynard said...

If HFJ becomes chair of the DNC, I will leave the party. That will be my sign to go ahead and join the Socialist Party :)

LeftWingCracker said...

CPL, Kos is as pissed as we are..

"Carville needs to shut the fuck up. If he wants a war, we'll give him one.

And it won't be a war that DC can win.

There's more of us than there are of them."

Oh yeah, he is PISSED.

LeftWingCracker said...


I also agree this is a Hillary move, and it needs to be CRUSHED.

Richmond said...

I'm with you, Oh Cracker, on this one. Jr. lost and the party folks are feeling sorry for him, so we're all supposed to roll over and weep long enough to give him the Chair? I thinketh not--

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Yes, LWC, I visited Kos and saw the smack down.

Plus about 500+ comments that said if Dean was unseated, donations targeted for the DNC were going elsewhere.

And Jr.'s made his statement that he's not interested in being DNC Chair. We all know why; as GeeDubya says "It's hard work!"

Which means if Jr. became DNC Chair and all the gains made by Dean were lost on his watch, he'd be toast politically on a National scale and no one, not even Faux news, would ever take him seriously again.

Anonymous said...

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