Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm a gutless old hack, I guess....

After all of that, I wrote in Rosalind Kurita and COULD NOT push the CAST BALLOT button. I thought about it, thought of the Senate, got madder and madder, and then cancelled it.

Howard Dean will be happy with me, and most of my friends did the same thing, but I'm not real happy with me.

I caved.

Yes, I voted for Junior, so if you see me tonight and I have to go excuse myself to go projectile-vomit on the Garibaldi's parking lot, just turn your heads and excuse me for a moment. Then buy me a beer, I'll need it.


polar donkey said...

LWC, I don't think you're rouge enough to roll with Brassmark, Wintermute, and myself. hahahaha

LeftWingCracker said...

Yeah, I guess my street cred is shot to hell now!


Anonymous said...

I don't think Kurita or Ford really deserved your vote. I know you supported Kurita in the primary, I did too, but I don't really see the infatuation with her. If you were going to write in, might as well have written in Steve Cohen.

My logic behind voting for Ford (depending on the time of day) is that every issue I disagree with Ford on, is an issue he and Corker agrees on. So on balance, Ford will better represent me than Corker.

LeftWingCracker said...

I held my nose and voted for Junior..

Anonymous said...

Dude, go see a shrink. You need help! I gave you the solution. You could have made your vote count two times!

LeftWingCracker said...


I didn't want this headline:


'Nuff said.

Brad Watkins said...

Hey Steve, Look dude you did what you had to do. Alot of people wrestled with that choice. I understand and hey, it's your vote to do with as you please.
I'll get you a beer.

Lesley said...

Steve, I feel your pain. It was a last-minute decision for me, too. But this post from Toni at the Bear Creek Ledger blog pushed me back over into the "I don't care how awful Harold is, a Republican would be worse" camp.

ann sandberg said...

Steve, if it is any consolation, my understanding is that write-in ballots are not counted UNLESS the write-in candidate files in advance with the Election Commission as a write in candidate.

As difficult as this vote was, when all is said and done, IF Ford is elected (a big if)I still think he would better represent views of progressive Democrats than Corker. Corker would be a rubber stamp for bush.

Jim Maynard said...

Well, I understand and respect everyone's decision on his one, even if I disagree with you :)
It was difficult for all of us, but since I voted for a PROGRESSSIVE (Chris Lugo), at least I don't have to vomit :)

Brassmask said...


I'm considering typing up rebuttals to all this same horseshit about how Corker would be WORSE than Ford because he would rubber stamp for Bush every time when FORD has been rubberstamping for Bush on the most distasteful, disdainful and absolutely outrageous bills for the past few years.

Worse? How could it been any worse? Jehovah! Jehovah!

No hard feelings from over here, Steve. One man, one vote.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Cracker, you might have wasted your vote, if the polling holds with Corker leading Ford by almost 60,000 votes and 88% of the precincts in.

*shakes head*

TN420 said...

No, LWC...you a grand human being and I for one am pleased to have met you. One thing good that's come out of this circus we call Tennessee politics is the connection we feel we've made with our like-minded friends and colleagues in the western part of the state.

Ford is losing and many of us knew he would.
We have found that Tennessee has potential to be Blue and we just have to keep working on it. We've made progress, and that's better than nothing.

Sharon Cobb said...

I did the same thing you did.

I suppose all that is left for us now is to decide who gets to stand on which street corner.

Linda said...

I'll start fault-finding again in a minute but for the moment, I'm all
smiles. We took the house, and probably the senate and Harold Ford, Jr. was
defeated (even though I voted for him)!

A pax on all our Houses,


Anonymous said...

Well, LWC, after much thought I have to admonish you. You talk a good game, but in the end, you are a chicken. Try doing what you say your convictions are, or else be honest and say how you really feel. At least you won't have to apologize for being double minded. Here's a clue, next time, just say your going to vote for the conservative, Republican and then do it! HAHA, like that'll happen!< G >

Anonymous said...

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