Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dog Bites Man...

And Lamar Alexander has just announced he will be a candidate for re-election.

Shocked, shocked, I am. Or not.

Sad as it is to say, I'm not confident that we have anyone to beat him at this time, but if Bob Tuke runs, I'll support him; he'll by God make the Red Flannel Shirt work for that office.

Stay tuned.....


Richmond said...

Lamar (!): 54%--Whomever the Democrats Run: 45%--Greens: 1%. Unless the anti-Republican mood is so virulent that everyone remembers when and how Lamar (!) won election. Then the DEmocrat has a fighter's chance.

vibinc said...

Lamar!'s approval rating as of 11/06 was 53% link. That's 3 points behind the average at the time (which was when some of the bums got thrown out). For a Senatorial race, in a state with 11 electors, 20 months is an eternity...or plenty of time to plant some seeds of discontent to give our "guy" whomever that may be, a chance...unless it's Jr.

TN420 said...

The problem we have with Alexander is the fact that he does nothing. I mean absolutely nothing. Nothing good, but also nothing bad, in the eyes of Repigs anyway.

The guy is a zero.

His masterful job of not getting caught up in the Bush admin criminal activity is astonishing.

He has successfully laid low and waited for the idiots to lose it around him. He's slick.

We of TN-1 are going to do everything we can to promote someone else. But he's got NE TN pretty well locked up.

It would take a Bob Tuke to unseat him. Perhaps Ford can run. If he wins then we'd have a total fool to bash next time. :)

Hey LWC! Saw your comment at the Ford Factory. :D
I replied...

"If he runs for president as fast as he ran from the thread at TPM he'll win by a landslide.

I have never seen a more chickenshit dude in my entire life. He starts a Q&A at TPM and never comes back to answer his detractors.
An absolute embarrassment. Perfect DLC/FOX material.

"President". LOL" -captainkona

TN420 said...

Update on my last comment: ;)

LeftWingCracker said...

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April 06, 2007

TN420 said...

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April 06, 2007

Jackson at his best. :D

LeftWingCracker said...

Yeah, Chris can't take it when you criticize his hero.

And all because I asked him if he thought Junior would finish between Romney and Thompson!