Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tonight begins the Era of Good Feeling

Or so we all hope, as the first meeting of the new ExecCom takes place at IBEW at 7 PM.

Thaddeus reports that new member Jennings Bernard wants to throw out returned member Richard Fields for various and sundry events, and to Jennings, I say with all love and sincerity:


We can't even get through meeting 1 without this kind of garbage? Give it up and leave it alone, or resign. So why did we kick Del off, anyway?

In other news, Thaddeus also reports the passing of Robert Gill, longtime MPD officer, a good and decent man with whom I served on the ExecCom, and the brother of Del. I have not been able to find the times for services and visitation, but we need to remember Robert, Del and their family in our thoughts and prayers. I believe a few of his friends who still are on the ExecCom will ask the assembly for a moment of silence in remembrance of this fine public servant.

I hope to make the meeting, and see if the good reverend can make good on his promise to get through in an hour. If he can do that, he may get the job for life!

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Desi Franklin said...

Our new chair conducted the meeting with dignity and decorum and knowledge and efficiency. Not that there weren't bumps in the road, but it was a respectful meeting for the most part by all participants.

People who supported Jay who had called me recently told me afterwards that they grew respect for the new chair tonight.

Onward and upward with the crazy world of Memphis politics.