Thursday, April 12, 2007

OK, I have a question here..

What the hell took MSNBC so long? It's not like Don Imus and his crew haven't been racist and misogynist all along, at least as long as he has had the IMUS IN THE MORNING program. Truth be told, they have been offensive from the get-go, but since advertisers began to bail a day or so ago, MSNBC got scared and dropped the simulcast of his CBS Radio show (not heard in Memphis).

Even more sickening is all the So-Called Liberal Media people who have gnashed their teeth and wept at the demise of their old racist pal. It's all part of the Kewl Kids mentality of the media and the Beltway folks.

However, what's interesting is who HASN'T rushed to the defense of the washed-up old jock, the one African-American who has been on his show more than anyone, the one person of color who Imus has praised above all others. Come on, you know who I'm talking about, don't you? Here's a hint: he used to be our Congressman.

Yep, Junior Ford has apparently disappeared from the planet while this fiasco has been going on, with no public comments to show on behalf of his old buddy Imus. I wonder why? Come on, Junior, it's not like you haven't milked the I-Man for all he's worth, why not help the man who's helped YOU?

Is it because you're a gutless punk? Oops, I answered my own question.

Look, I have not listened or watched the old burnout on MSNBC for years, partially because I'm not up that early, and partially because I would watch Today or listen to Stern if I was up at that hour. I sure as hell am not defending him, but I am curious to know what the I-Man thinks of the disappearance of his favorite African-American.

Harold? Harold? Anyone? Anyone?

UPDATE: Autoegocrat comments that Junior has spoken, and in typical Junior fashion...


autoegocrat said...

Here's your answer.

Brassmask said...

Harold Ford has no reason to defend Imus because Imus is now not useful to Ford's ends.