Monday, April 02, 2007

We start again...

Today is a day of renewal, the day we believe that anything is possible, the day we all start even and know that our destinies are in our own hands.

No, I'm not talking about Easter, that's next week, I'm talking about OPENING DAY.

Yes, technically, the 2007 Major League Baseball season began when the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals were dumped at home by the team they beat in the 2006 NLCS, the New York Mets. That's OK for them, there's 161 more to go.

My Cubs (Yes, I root for both the Cubs and the Sox, what of it???) open at Cincinnati on both WGN and ESPN2 at 1 PM. The Sox open at the Cell at the same time against the Cleveland Indians, they of the loss to the Cardinals in the Civil Rights Game.

This spirit of renewal can also be found at that most unlikely place known as the Shelby County Democratic Party, which has also been returned to the Endless Blogroll. There is a new Chair, so a new chance to remain on the blogroll has been given.

The CA sent a newby out to cover this story, so they got the vote margin wrong, it was 47-18 for Rev. Keith Norman over attorney Jay Bailey; Norman won votes from all of the "factions" involved. After it was over, he gave a heartfelt thanks to Bailey and asked him to play a role in shaping the party's future.

My take from what I have seen is that, despite complaints from some circles (and you know who you are) I don't think Norman can be owned by ANYBODY, and is not afraid to call bullshit on anyone.

They begin their journey on Thursday night at the IBEW with a new purpose, with some old faces on the outside (Del Gill, among others) and some new faces to be watched (welcome, Landis Hunt!) and the return of a surprising old face (Richard Fields, PLEASE don't do anything to get tossed again!).

All in all, it bears watching.


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Newscoma said...

There was rejoicing at Chez Coma over Opening Day, but as I am a Cards fan, there was also a lot of hand-wringing and staring blankly at the wall.