Friday, April 27, 2007

Four Years, Untold Sums of Money..

And they only convicted John Ford on ONE Count, Bribery. Hell, they wouldn't have gotten that if they hadn't gotten the dumb bastard on tape.

For the record, the jury was hung on the first count, Extortion, they found him Guilty on the Bribery Count (2), and Not Guilty on 3, 4 and 5, all Witness Intimidation.

Yes, he was guilty, no question of it. My attorney has advised me that, according to Federal Guidelines, where there is no real Parole, he could get 10-15 years in the Federal Pen, and he would have to do 85% of that time. As John is 65 years old, this is going to be a life sentence for him, let's face it.

No doubt, there is all kinds of schadenfreude breaking out all over the state, especially in the lighter-skinned parts of it. He was the most visible and most disliked member of the Ford family outside of Shelby County, and I hope some of them have the good graces not to let the N-word slip out when discussing this trial.

Wait, Cracker, are you FOR corruption? No, I simply refuse to believe that the only Gooper who's corrupt in this state is Chris Newton. You know as well as I do that corruption comes in all forms and in BOTH parties; however, I seriously doubt we'll see any Goopers go to jail until we elect a DEMOCRATIC President who will appoint DEMOCRATIC USAs.

I suspect we're more likely to see pleas from Kathryn Bowers and Ward Crutchfield after this verdict, and if so, fine; if they're guilty, send them to the Pen.

You will never convince me, however, ESPECIALLY after the Gonzales USA scandal, that this investigation was anything more than an attack on minorities and Democrats. One token Gooper is not enough to convince me, and it never will be.


Blinders Off said...

The Gonzales scandal definitely puts a ? mark on WHY so many Democrats are being indicted when it is obvious that corruption in the US swings both ways.

Washington DC today makes the years of Nixon look like child's play.

kibitzer said...

And, as you well know, Cracker, Chris Newton, a frequent legislative co-ponsor of Cohen bills during his tenure, is to the state GOP establishment as --hmmm, Olympia Snowe is to the national one.

leftwingcarolinablue said...

It may surprise you, but I think you're "right" on target. Jon of the Fords was no saint, far from it. But for his indictment to be handed down the day prior to Jr.'s Senate announcement, the trial to drago on through the election and now--in the middle of Gonzie-Gate--to bring closing arguments is remarkably convenient. Good job--

Brock said...

Dixon is serving a five-year sentence for the same offense.

Looking at the Guidelines, it appears that the offense level is a 24. (14 is the base level, +4 because he's an elected official, +6 because the amount involved is over $30K.)

The sentencing range for that level of offense, given no prior criminal history, is 51-63 months.

b said...

As with the Kurita situation and the Harold Ford Jr loss, this is a shoulder shrug for me.

John Ford was obviously guilty. (I'll believe my own lying eyes thanks.) If this was part of a larger GOP-induced attorney general scandal, I say, "No harm, no foul."

Wilder needed to go and Kurita voted against him, Harold was a DLC'er out for himself and Tennessee voted against the Dem candidate and now, if this is part of the Gonzales thing, I don't weep for John Ford. Not one tear.