Thursday, April 12, 2007

A fellow blogger is under attack

Thanks to Rick for letting me know about this...

Katherine Coble is a Nashville blogger, who I normally find on the other side of the aisle. However, she and her husband recently found themselves, while job-seeking, as victims of a firm called JL Kirk & Associates. This firm, formerly known as Bernard Haldane, which was charged in the state of Illinois for deceiving job-seekers and overcharging them up-front fees, apparently did the same thing to Katherine and her husband.

When she wrote about her experiences with JL Kirk & Associates, they threatened her with legal action.

Newscoma has some terrific comments about the JL Kirk & Associates situation, and we need to read them.

And, JL Kirk & Associates, you pissed off the blogosphere, and you are going to pay dearly.

You had best be thinking about your next name change, because JL Kirk & Associates will be mud after this.

For a complete rundown and timeline of how JL Kirk & Associates acted, please go to Nashville Is Talking, Brittney has it laid out for you.

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'Coma said...

Thanks Steve.
You know, I believe that people have the right to have an opinion. Thanks for spreading this around.