Wednesday, February 06, 2008

After swallowing my foot, I learn something...

I had called out Sean Braisted for running a Drudge item suggesting that Hillary Clinton had resorted to self-funding her campaign.

Ahem. He then produced a link to Marc Ambinder's blog at The Atlantic which CONFIRMED that HRC in fact, loaned her campaign $5 million late last month. he also noted this fundraising letter to her supporters:

From an e-mail to supporters entitled "Huge":
We had a huge night last night -- we won the biggest states and the most votes, and we are ahead in the overall race for delegates. But this race is far from over.

Voters came out in record numbers, not just to make history but to remake America. Thanks to your support and your votes, the momentum is solidly on our side.

We don't have time to catch our breath -- the next races are just three days away, and there are 10 more contests in February alone.

Let's meet this moment with bold action worthy of those who have put their faith in us. We are setting a big goal for the next three days: raise $3 million to fund our history-making campaign.

Contribute today to help us reach $3 million in three days.

After seven years of a president who listens only to the special interests,
America is ready for a president who brings your voice, your values, and your dreams to the White House.

We had a great day yesterday. Now we must keep that momentum going. You have sustained me throughout this journey, and I am calling on you again to give our campaign the resources we need to win critical
upcoming races.

I've never asked so much of you as I am now: $3 million in three days. But the need has never been so great.

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Mick Wright said...

Perhaps reflexive anti-Drudgism is where you went wrong. Just a guess.