Monday, February 04, 2008

What Pesky and Jesse say...

I noted the other day that there are Democrats threatening to vote for McCain if HRC is our nominee in the fall.

Here's Pesky on the subject:

Seriously peeps. I'm still not sure about what I'll do in the
morning--- though I suspect an Obama vote is in my future. But in the General I'll be voting for whoever isn't John McCain.But hey, a if Neocon restoration and a hard right Supreme Court is what all you serious, Hillary-hating Dems want, who am I to stop you?

Read the rest, it's on point. So, too is Jesse Wendel at Group News Blog:

I promise you if Hillary Clinton loses the nomination, she will
support Barack Obama. And I promise you if Barack Obama loses, he will support Hillary Clinton. Guaranteed. Anyone who doesn't support the nominee, should go start their own blog,
I Hate Winning, where all the other whiners and complainers who have taken their balls and bats can go complain about how the world isn't devoting itself to doing what they want, how unfair life is, and how mean and nasty people are for pointing out what losers they are.

Meanwhile, the rest of us, will forget all about you ten minutes
after you stop whining on GNB and other serious blogs, unless and until, you actively start working for the Republicans or for some third party. At which point you become the enemy and get attacked just like anyone else.


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