Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well, just HOW ARE we going to select the Democratic nominee for Trustee?

Well, i remember that in the past, when I was on the Exec Com, we held hearings and made a recommendation to the full committee, who could approve or throw it back in our faces.

However, we could have been wrong. Here, then, is the text of a letter sent by my friend and brother, Del Gill, to the chairs of the SCDP and TDP, Keith Norman and Gray Sasser respectively, about this subject:

Subject: Choosing OUR Democratic Nominee for County Trustee

My Fellow Democrats:

The Shelby County Commission and the TN Coordinator of Elections determined Monday a vacancy for the Trustee position existed and the Commission then selected an interim Trustee - Paul Mattila who will serve until August 7th. Today's Commercial Appeal quotes "In lieu of a primary election, Tennessee Election Coordinator Brook Thompson said the Shelby County Democratic and Republican parties will be responsible for nominating candidates."

Our Democratic Executive Committee will be responsible for filtering the will of Democrats in Shelby County to select a nominee for the Trustee position on the August 7th ballot. Please be reminded the Tennessee code provides specific guidance as to the process *(see TCA 5-1-104 b2 below) for obtaining that nomination... we must hold a CONVENTION, not a mere meeting of our Executive Committee. The Executive Committee as representatives of our fellow Democrats have a responsibility to assure them that their will has been given the maximum opportunity under law to be COUNTED.

While I congratulated Mr. Mattila on his selection Monday for receiving ALL SEVEN DEMOCRATIC VOTES ONLY, I also advise you of a statement attributed to him in today's Commercial Appeal... "I made a commitment to Bob Patterson (deceased Republican predecessor) that I would do everything humanly possible to keep this team together and move it forward," Mattila said. "I intend to deliver that commitment." Maybe this statement can be explained... ?

My Fellow Democratic friends, this quote comes from the same vein of political thought in Shelby County that says "Party does not matter" and is a direct reason why NO African-Americans hold any of these non-judicial County-wide positions other than Mayor!

Democratically yours,

Del Gill
Democratic Executive Committee Member
Memphis Democratic Club Spokesman
Chairman, Democratic Primary Board

* TCA 5-1-104 (b)(2) ... If the vacancy occurs less than sixty (60) days before the party primary election but sixty (60) days or more before the August election, then nominees of political parties SHALL be selected by party convention and a successor elected in the August election...


dwayne said...

This is interesting. Having a convention to select the nominee for one office is expensive and a pain in the rear but we might get a more responsible decision from it and one that Del does not like.

We have to remember that Del's motive is to deny Mattila the nomination since Del doesn't feel him a worthy enough Democrat.

The SCDEC managed to shoot down a proposal at the last meeting to endorse Chairman Norman's desire to speak to the Commission in favor of Mattila for the interim appointment. This was despite the fact that he was the only Democrat in contention against three Republicans. All seven Democrats voted for Mattila, showing how much influence the SCDEC actually has.

dwayneearl said...

'Convention' is a nebulous term that could easily mean the executive committee of the SCDP. After all, they are the duly elected representatives of Shelby County Democrats. Who else is more qualified?