Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Sunday!!!

The Sunday "Goodbye Super Tuesday, catch your dreams before they slip away" edition of the TennViews weekly blog roundup showcasing the best and brightest bloggers in Tennessee and what they are talking about...

• 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera: Caucuses in Florida and Michigan?: The big failure here is with the state and national parties, who betrayed their voters by failing to properly negotiate over the timing of the primaries., plus: Bottom Line: There's one fundamental problem with a McCain/Huckabee ticket: McCain is really old, and Huckabee is really crazy.

• 55-40 Memphis: Electability: I believe that it is much harder to get a woman elected president today than a person of color, all else being equal. As widespread as racism is, sexism runs even deeper and affects a larger proportion of the electorate. Compounding the problem: We are much more attuned to racism, and quicker to call it out, than we are to even blatant sexism. I'd like to see a woman as president as much as anybody would. In any other circumstances, I'd say let's go for it. But Hillary isn't just any woman, she's a Clinton. ... Those polls just confirm what I already know in my heart. 2008 is not the time, nor is Hillary Clinton the candidate, to make the presidential election a feminist cause.

• Ablogination: Death to the Right Wing Fringe: You will no longer find personal gain wrapped in swaddling clothes. You will no longer benefit from dragging Jesus through the political mud, boxing, bagging, buying and selling Him for your personal wealth and power trips. It’s over. You’ve been Left Behind.

• Andy Axel (at KnoxViews): Super Fat Tuesday Clinton Count: This is the rural/urban divide showing up again, and depending on the demographics of the state involved, this can really cut against your candidate. Plus: Tennessee Hearts Huckabee: The evangelicals turn out for the Reverend, throwing a stick in the spokes of the McCain juggernaut.

• Aunt B.: Bill Hobbs Wins ‘Act Like Bill Hobbs Day’ Hands Down!: Bill Hobbs is going to try to pass the Tennessee Democratic Party off as the racist party in our state? The mind boggles. Plus: An Open Letter to the Tennessean: Seriously, if people want to show the world pictures of their dogs, they can get a blog like the rest of us. You, Sirs and Madams, should be a place where I can find out news.

• BlountViews: Blount election day early afternoon report, plus: Finney really REALLY wants to be your state senator

• The Crone Speaks: Here’s An Idea, The Journalists/Reporters Should Fact-Check Themselves Before They Speak/Write: Candidates have to spend hundred’s of thousands of dollars to counter the lies and half-truths with the truth, if they can successfully get out the truth. So, we have these giant media outlets, driving the spending by candidates, another way that media owners have dictated elections.

• Cup of Joe Powell: Election Aftermath: Are Republicans so unhappy over the concept of "conservative purity" that they will sit home this fall and not vote in the actual election? Plus some election live blogging: Hamblen County Election Returns, and an update on the cable cuts: Sea Monster Attacks Internet UPDATE!

• Don Williams (a new addition to the blogroll and roundup): Hillary, Obama, McCain all strengthen their claims to presidency: I’m the first to admit that true substance is scarce in these campaigns. Still, the tone’s changed. Subjects have changed.

• The Donkey's Mouth: Democrats Top Republican Turnout, and: Charmed, I’m Sure: ...who will Rep. Marsha Blackburn support after making three different endorsements already in this race?

• Enclave: "Obama Girl" Didn't Vote for Obama: We can count on younger voters as long as everything stays eye-popping and entertainment-oriented (or there is sex-appeal; cue G4 TV). But I don't seem them turning out in November--regardless of who the nominee is--as strongly as they are in February. The novelty will have worn off of voting by then. Plus: Another Partisan Who Cannot See Beyond Republican Campaign Strategy: It should be perfectly clear to those of us who are not saddled by partisan wishful thinking why Evangelicals would not vote for a Mormon candidate (Mitt Romney). Begging "common cause" assumes that both sides see a cause in common. Evangelicals don't. Also: Happy Anniversary!

• Fletch: The Shacks: It's like a taking a road trip back in time to the 60s before corporate fast food and motels became the norm. Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side, but selling hot dogs by the seashore seems to be an idyllic life.

• KnoxViews (JustJohnny): FL Dems to caucus?: I have been contacted by more than one grassroots organizer seeking support for a push for caucuses here. If FL delegates are to be seated, the DNC appears to be signaling that caucuses are the only way. Plus: An interesting poll on Social Security. And: Super Tuesday Photo Report (by Brian A.), plus: Hung over, exhausted, but the headlines say: Obama, Clinton all tied up after Super Tuesday (Carole Borges)

• Lean Left: A Tie: Last night settled nothing, and its likely that the rest of this month and March 4th will settle nothing as well. It looks as if we are in this for the long haul. Plus: Clinton or Obama?: the end of the day they are just politicians. They are forced to navigate an electorate with diverse and conflicting views and that means compromise and occasionally the failure of policies I hold dear. Also: GOP Losing Evangelicals? (by tgirsh):’s never really a victory when people give up on democracy, and lose faith in the process. And that’s clearly what seems to be happening here.

• Left of the Dial: Super Scary Tuesday: Boy, politics sure took a backseat to Mother Nature last night and this morning for many Tennesseans.

• Left Wing Cracker: Its the Narrative, stupid: Get ready, we are going for a brokered convention. (Jon Carroll) Plus: If Mitt Romney had run this ad, he'd be the Republican nominee! And: A call for help for Tennessee tornado victims.

• Liberadio: Tornado Tuesday Observations, plus: What a tool: There’s simply no other way to react to Mitt Romney’s "suspending my campaign" speech in which he accuses at least half the country of wanting to surrender to terror, having no morals, perpetrating attacks on religion, encouraging sexual promiscuity and pornography, and enjoying an occasional stroll on the Champs-Elysées.

• Loose TN Canon: Can you imagine this guy's finger on the button?: John McCain, who jokes about bombing Iran, is characterized by his fellow Republicans as a "hothead."

• NewsComa: At The End Of Another Political Day: No one never knows in the world of politics. Deals are made. Deals are broken. And the American people don’t know because God forbid we need to know what Britney Spears did today. Plus: The Wind In The Willows: It’s weird covering weather and even weirder when you are covering a primary and weather and a trial with a defendant with a less than stellar personality who was a bit growly. Don’t you love rural media? Tomorrow, I get to go to a car wash that has a pet wash attached to it. I’m not lying.

• Pesky Fly: The White Racist Vote (Jeff): When I look at the Obama campaign, I am most bothered by three things: the apparent encouragement of cultish behavior among volunteers and supporters; the willingness of his campaign and supporters to recycle right-wing Hillary Hate talking points; and his level of support from a media we learned long ago never to trust. This last point should alarm anyone with a brain. Never trust the media or Republicans who offer advice about what the Democratic party should do. Plus: Stupid Democrats: Any Dem (of any stripe) or left-leaning so-and-so who says they'd vote for McCain over Hillary in the General should really consider the state of the U.S. Supreme Court and the fact that the next President will probably get to appoint three new Supremes.

• Progressive Nashville: How Clinton won: Hillary's success so far shows that the tried and true methods of hard work and asking people for votes is still effective at winning campaigns, but it is still vulnerable to a competitor that hits on the right message and has the charisma to sell it. Plus: More voting problems around the country, and: Bob Tuke for Senate?

• Resonance: Promises, Promises (Resonance): It seems we've got some fuzzy math here. $410 billion is 50% of $412.7 billion? I'm no math major, but that just doesn't compute. Plus: Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2007

• RoaneViews: Help a Neighbor: Let's be there for these people. One day it might be our turn, but that doesn't matter right now.

• Russ McBee: Two short notes on Super Tuesday: This is hypnotic and addictive. Google Maps + Twitter + Twittervision + Super Tuesday = a very cool way to watch what people are saying about today's primaries. Plus: Bush's hypocrisy on earmarks: It took George Bush seven years in the White House to notice that the federal budget contains pork-barrel spending. Purely by coincidence I'm sure, it was not until after the Democrats had gained control of Congress that the president decided to focus his attention on budget items of questionable validity.

• Sean Braisted: Are You A Sexist Pig?: ...its best to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume their support or opposition is in good faith, and not the result of prejudices against a race or gender. Plus: Obama Wins?: While Obama wasn't able to pick up some of the Democratic strongholds on the East and West coast, it appears as if, on a delegate basis, he was victorious. ... Yesterday I stood on the corner of Rosa and Jefferson doing visibility, and it sunk in that while I think Obama could win the general election...he ain't likely to carry much of the Southeast. To be sure, I don't think Hillary will either (except perhaps Arkansas), but some of the reactions from the white drivers really disgusted me to my core.

• Sharon Cobb: Not Every Person Who Doesn't Vote For Hillary Is A Misogynist, And Not Every Person Who Doesn't Vote For Barack Is A Racist, plus: So I'm In My Bathtub With No Water In It: I've got my laptop, cell phone, video camera, battery television and xanax in the tub with me. If you're in middle Tennessee and tornadoes are touching down around you, go to the lowest floor in your home, or if you're like me and don't have a basement, go to your tub and stay away from windows. The severe weather started here in Nashville when Hillary Clinton was announced the winner of Tennessee.

• Silence Isn't Golden: So, In Conclusion (Part 2): Obama won last night because he proved that he can make the Democratic Party competitive in places where it hasn't been lately (especially in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states), while hanging on to Democratic strongholds. Hillary merely proved that she can hold the base. Also: Vote for GoldnI!

• Southern Beale: It’s Always Good For Republicans: Have you seen the latest storyline about Democrats working its way through the media? Apparently, because we have two excellent candidates to choose from in the presidential primary, "Democrats are in disarray"!

• Tennessee Guerilla Women: Disenfranchising Hillary's Base: The Undemocratic Caucus: The caucus system is undemocratic. It disenfranchises working class voters who simply do not have the flexible schedules held by the elite class. Unlike the primary, the caucus system does not make voting available all day long to accommodate people with all types of schedules. To make matters worse, most state caucuses do not permit absentee ballot provisions. Plus: NBC Suspends Shuster for Misogynistic Attack on Chelsea

• TennViews: Factchecking the TNGOP: Is it possible to fact check fiction? Plus: Abusive nursing home protection act And: Lieberman no longer a super delegate!

• Vibinc: Super Tornado Tuesday - Live Blog, now from Home!: In weather news the sirens just turned off again, but that doesn't mean anything if there's a tornado like 5 feet from my house...which there isn't yet. Ok, between the polling and reach Haley Barbour is showing his metro-sexual side.

• Whites Creek Journal: Saturday Lazies: John McCain has emerged as the front runner in the Republican campaign to keep the entire Bush administration out of jail.

• Women's Health News: Lipitor Ad Used Stunt Double?: Seriously. Don’t ever rely on advertising to give you accurate medical information or drug advice.

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