Saturday, March 28, 2009

Congratulations to Van Turner, the new chair of the SCDP

And to Desi Franklin as well, as she has been the driving force behind the last three chairs.

The final numbers were 49 for Turner, 32 for Jay Bailey, Committeeman Norma Lester passed, and since Committeeman Nate Jackson was elected in absentia, he was not able to vote. So, even WITH the numbers mandated by the TNDP, Bailey did not have the votes; many of his delegates did not make it to Airways Middle School today to vote for his potential ExecCom members.

However, Bailey was allowed to speak after Turner assumed the gavel, and called for party unity behind Turner's chairmanship. Well done, sir, well done.

The first meeting of the new ExecCom, 83 strong, is Monday, April 6 at 7 PM at the IBEW Hall on Madison. Good luck to the new committee, I will support them to the best of my abilities!


Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me there was all this wailing and gnashing of teeth for a 49-32 split. That's a pretty sizable majority.

Steve Steffens said...

And Van and Desi did it with Del's numbers, to boot.

There were places where Turner got votes I never expected, so this was just great organization on their part.

Anonymous said...

There was one place where Turner got damn near shutout... the Black community.

His daddy, wife, & other relatives all got waxed in District 85! Nine Delegates seats... he got nothing! Same thing in District 98... six delegates to nothing! However in District 84 (Controlled by the Teamsters) he got one vote (Perry) out of the six of seven that were present and voting!

It is believed at this point that NO White delegates voted for Jay Bailey! So in a Democratic Party that is 77% African American, this foretells a "problem" for Van Turner. (How do you get White Democrats to VOTE for Black candidates who will address Black issues without making excuses first? Van Turner actually favored ONE MAN, ONE VOTE but would only say it privately!) Let's hope Van and his handler Desi understands this PROBLEM!

As you said, Desi is responsible for the last three Chairpersons... Matt Kuhn, Keith Norman and now Van Turner. Desi has had two disasters in Kuhn and Norman... so 2 out of 3 failures doesn't bode well for Turner?

What did you make of the ARMED UNIFORMED Security in a Democracy meeting? Does it suggest that Black People are dangerous or that White People FEAR BLACK people? The person that single handedly ordered such security was a Desi/Van supporter! Right Cherry!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:35AM

The security team was UNARMED and the SCDP steering committee approved the use of security.

Steve Steffens said...

What, is that Bailey's excuse for being out-organized?

Bailey had lots of precincts where he had delegates who didn't show up. In my district, 93, he had 4 who never showed; had they done so, it would have been a 2-2 split rather than a 4-0 Turner sweep. Mine wasn't the only district where that happened.

When you're organizing for a caucus, you have to make sure your folks are there at every point, and Bailey's team failed at that. They had Del's numbers, which I took great pains to point out were perfect, and they still lost.

That's on THEM.

No, Turner may not have won Whitehaven, but guess what? He didn't need them. However, I suspect he will reach out to them any way, and Bailey did a good thing yesterday with his comments, and props to him for that.

One last note: Black issues are all OUR issues, so that comments was meaningless.

Brad Watkins said...

That's about the long and the short of it. Bailey's people just got out organized.
Well congrats to Turner on his victory, and here to hoping that some unity can come out of this process. ....but i really doubt it.

lilaruby said...

....and least anyone forget, cudos to the "brain", Cardell was a team effort, with lots of work on the part of many. Work the process and the process works.

Anonymous said...

Del -

Through this whole process Jay did not reach out to East Memphis & East Shelby County. Jay ran a campaign that stressed 85 & 98 - and that is what he got - those 2 districts.

I am looking forward to working with Van.

And great job to Desi, Cardell, Howard and Dianne - they did a fantastic job organizing and getting out the vote.

Anonymous said...

That's the key...ORGANIZATION.

Anonymous said...

Bailey would have faired better if he had not attached himself to a certain person. You can't spew hatred and lies and think it will help you. In the end, as stated on the radio "Van Turner, we are going to SPANK THAT #@#...WELL, VAN, YOU ALL CAN SAY "WE SPANKED THAT #@#....That radio person we know is hiding under his covers and shame to show his face. With all that radio, he still could not win. HE IS JUST A BORN LOSER PLAIN and SIMPLE.

Steve Steffens said...

Let's think about this, too: they elected Nate Jackson in absentia, which meant he couldn't vote. Norma Lester refused to vote, and Cherry Davis voted for Van Turner. Chism couldn't even hold his group together.

Caucus politics are different than normal elective politics, and David, Jay and folks have yet to figure that out, it seems.

The Turner team really had their people organized, and Desi was the queen of laser-like focus yesterday to ensure that everyone was where they were supposed to be. THAT'S how you do caucus politics, that's how Obama kicked the hell out of Clinton in caucus states last year, and clearly the Turner team has a clear understanding of this.

Now, they have to turn around and govern. I suspect Jay will be available to help out, as there are things involved in elective politics where he is very capable, and I hope the Turner team uses Jay's capabilities.

Anonymous said...

Here's another clue for you, Del, Jay, Thad, and Dave:

District 90 elected 6 delegates, 5 of whom were black and 4 of whom voted for Van Turner. This worked because people like Cherry Davis worked their tails off during the caucus 3 weeks ago and got people to beocme delegates. This was an effort by a great many people, black and white, who worked together for a common cause and overcame the politics of hate and divisiveness. This is the way Memphis will overcome its past.

So the only people who made this a black-white thing were people mentioned above. And they got their asses handed to them. Lies, dirty tricks, threats, and backdoor bullshit with the state party didn't work.

Anonymous said...


I certainly hope Jay is more available than he was two years ago. Nobody ever saw him around any party meetings.

lilaruby said...

the beauty of this victory for Van is that it, like Obama's victory, was accomplished without the established political factions.

Having Chism and Upton join forces and be so handily defeated bodes well for this community.

Van and the many new faces on the Executive Committee bring a much needed results-oriented focus to the Democratic party.

Blinders Off said...

It is nice to know that there was not a brawl Saturday. Congratulations to Turner and KUDOS to Bailey for accepting his defeat dignity. Maybe this is the beginning of the SCDP healing old wounds and moving forward for the greater good.

Anonymous said...

There was a whole team of people involved in supporting Van.

Anonymous said...


We've heard this from Bailey before. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

With Thad, you have a man that hate himself, hates his own dear wife and everyone around him. He is just an unhappy person and it shows. Bailey should have known, when a man cares so little about what he says about his wife on radio, no respect...what the HELL you think he can do for you Bailey. Hatred will be the death of him. Thad exudes self destruction. Bailey, distant yourself NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

What I heard before Saturday was that David Upton was saying he was going to snake away Turner's white support. That's the baldest kind of racial divisiveness. Add to that the robocalls from Jay Bailey about ridding the party of the republicans from east Shelby County (code for white people)

Not sure, it may be true that no white committee member voted for Jay, but having been there and watched the vote, I'd say about half of Turner's votes came from black committee members so Del is wrong about Turner's black support. Looks like to me like lots of black committee members and lots of white committee members together rejected Team Bailey's black/white divisive politics in favor of just plain politics, and that is a refreshing thing to see.

And lilaruby is right, Cardell was vital to the process. He also worked hard on the convention, rules and credentials committee. He and Desi made quite a team helping Van get elected. They are a good example of what can be accomplished when diverse people work together on a common goal.

Blinders Off said...

I meant to say “with dignity”

Anonymous 3:29

Bailey may have said that before, but it is possible he means it this time. There comes a time in life when we all inventory our behavior, associations, and tactical approaches and grow from past experiences.

IMO, Saturday’s elections is an opportunity for the SCDP to move in a unified positive direction. Members of the SCDP during the dark times in Memphis need to let go of past judgments and grudges and start fresh. I am sure foes within the party see valuable qualities in one another, but are too stubborn to let go of a past grudge. I also believe there are a few members who keep the friction pot stirred because that is what they like to do and they will continue to do it.

With that said, the SCDP, Turner and Bailey need to weed out supporters who are friction pot stirrers. If the SCDP is successful in weeding out people who refuse to work together. The SCDP will be an organization that can move Memphis and Shelby County in the directions it should have been year ago. Most of all…it is time for a positive change in who you all support in upcoming elections. I personally would like to see candidates that are for the people, not have personal agendas, and be ethical while in office.

Anonymous said...

All racial wedge-driving aside, Van won simply because he was the best man for the job and proved it by staying above the hateful tactics employed by Jay's folks. Congratulations, Van, for not behaving like a moron!

Anonymous said...

To Sun Mar 29, 02:35:00 AM CDT,

What are you doing up at that time Del? Maybe you wouldn't be so cranky with a good night's sleep.

True that Desi supported Matt Kuhn and Keith Norman but so did Sidney Chism. Without sponsorship by the bosses and wheeler dealers, maybe Van Turner will be freer to act without people reminding him of the favors he owes them.

Anonymous said...

8:46 P.M.

If Van owe favors, would you not say the same about Javier Bailey. I don't know one politician that does not owe favors. Maybe you can enlighten us.

So Van, its ok to help your supporters....just keep it legit.

lilaruby said...

there were many people with courage who actively supported and worked for Van's election - i will forget many, but they include Ruth Davis, Howard Richardson, Ms. Withers, Lexie Carter, Barbara Williams, and Cherry Davis.

Many of these people, and I'm sure others, caught a huge amount of grief for the courage of their convictions. My hat is off to each and every one who refused to bend.

Anonymous said...

Another point that hasn't been made enough is that Van Turner worked incredibly hard to get Van Turner elected. The previous 2 chairs had the position more or less handed to them as they were compromise, desperation candidates coming out of the dysfunction that is the SCDP. Van has been an active member of the local party, knows what he is getting into and worked hard (with a bunch of other people) to make it happen. Seems like a good thing - at least he won't be shocked at some of the unhealthy dynamics, and might have some chance of righting the ship.

Third Time is a Charm said...

I know what I have said hear will probably enrage, excite, etc. several people from both sides and others, but it is my “two cents” and this is the Democratic Party.

Cordell, Desi and others did well with their districts, but after March 7th, it was Jay's race to lose and he did it. Jay had the people there, but what happened that day and the 3 weeks afterwards cost him the election.

Del arguing with Van at the Convention on March 7th and others that day, and his usual tactics for the next 3 weeks about electing more blacks than whites 'ticked off' a lot of supporters. Jay should have distanced himself from Del and what Del was saying. The same goes for Thaddeus, and what Thaddeus was saying about certain people. Jay should have distanced himself from him and say what he believes in, even though it might have contradicted Thaddeus, Del and others, and because he did not, it upset several of his supporters who turned to Van in hopes that things would be different.

I believe increasing the number of people on the committee by continuing to use the voting numbers of each district until you reach the end is fair (discounting the black districts for turning out in larger numbers which would offset the large number of McCain votes in East Memphis to allow Obama to win in Shelby County is fair?), but I believe the way they approached it and enforced it was wrong. It appeared that they were "shoving it" down SCDP's throat and if they did not like it, tough.

Jay and his supporters did concentrate on other districts besides 85 and 98, obviously if they got 4 out of 5 in 84 and the same in other districts. But there were some people that were elected by Jay's supporters and committed to vote for Jay, that turned around and voted for Van, and I'm sure vice-versa.

I know some organizations do not want to be labeled “established political faction”, but they have been around long enough and done enough politics in the last few elections and county conventions to be “established”. They have wanted the credit when they won and/or organized well, even though down the road what they did was not the best for the Party and/or its people.

I believe Van will make a good Chairman and a good committee was elected, but some of the "established political factions (MSDIA, Teamsters, New Path, etc.)" have done this in the past few years since they have been around, and we ended up with less than effective Chairmen and Executive Committees. Let's hope that the "third time is a charm".

I know Jay Bailey’s campaign and some others were a bit cocky which was wrong, not just because they got beat, but mostly because it switched the focus away from the whole point of this, which is about what is best for the Party and getting organized to elect democrats. But some of Van’s folks are now doing what they are criticizing Jay’s people of doing and why Jay lost, which is evidenced by several of the comments on here, thus far.

I know it is a ‘pipe dream’, but it would be great if one side could get elected and not slam the other. Why would you want to work hard for the Party when you are constantly hearing how you got your butt kicked? That is a good part of why it is hard for the losing side to come around and allow the Party to unite, but I believe that Jay and most of his supporters will do that, and eventually, the Van supporters will quiet down and the Party will heal and unite itself.

If I have offended anybody and/or entity, it was not my intention, but neither do I retract nor apologize for what I have said.

Third Time is a Charm said...

Another thing: "49-32 split. That's a pretty sizable majority."

If there were an infinite number of votes out there or at least more than 83 then yes, "49-32 is a pretty sizable majority”, but since only 81 of 83 participated in the vote, one only needed 41 votes to win, not 43. Van received 49 votes, so the margin of victory was 8, not 17.

It was a close victory (8 votes). It was not a ‘slam dunk’ nor a 'slaughter' nor a ‘pretty sizable majority’, and if you want to make it harder to heal and unite the Party, then continue with these and other assessments instead of being positive about where the Party goes from here and how to bring everyone together.

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