Friday, March 27, 2009

In Defense of the Mathematical Skills of Del Rodney Gill, Jr.

I emailed Del Gill today to ask him for a comparison of the number ExecCom slots that the current ExecCom wants to use tomorrow, versus the number he came up with for each District based on the ONE MAN, ONE VOTE principle that we are supposed to use.

He provided that, along with the number of votes Obama received in each House district, and the percentage of the total vote that they represented. Based on these numbers, he is absolutely correct in insisting that to go with 71 seats is a disenfranchisement of eight districts, most notably Districts 84 and 85.

I don't give a rat's ass who wins Saturday, but I insist that NO DEMOCRAT be disenfranchised at that time. Based on these numbers, the current ExecCom did NOT meet the standard of One Man, One Vote, as they have insisted.

As Steve Ross at VIBINC has noted, the ExecCom has had multiple opportunities to solve this problem, but refused to even consider compromises. It's on them.

And you know what else? I understand Keith Norman, the absentee Chair, is leaving town and won't even be at the Convention. (if he shows, I will apologize for having said this, but I have really good sources).

If Blogger had a way to run a freaking table, I would show you the numbers. If you want to see them, email me at sjs1959 at gmail dot com, and I will send them to you.

Look, folks, neither Jay Bailey nor Van Turner are the Antichrist, and neither is the savior of the Party. I still want someone else, but I will have to be disappointed yet again. That having been said, electing ANY number of ExecCom seats less than 83 is a disenfranchisement of a large section of the Democratic Party.

And, it will be thrown out by the TNDP, which is their right to do, and they should.

One last thing here. Del Gill has infuriated EVERYONE associated with this Party over the last 20 years, and on that he is an Equal Opportunity Offender. He has disrupted meetings because of his insistence that certain rules be followed, and I have often wanted him to shut the hell up and let things go.

More often than not, however, he has been correct, he's just not good at communicating. However, when you give him complex mathematical formulas, especially ON THIS VERY SUBJECT, he has been spot-on correct every time. I know, because when I was Convention Chair several years ago, I had him do the formula, and it was dead solid perfect. Hell, if I were Governor, I'd turn over statewide reapportionment to him, and he would be correct to an infinitesmal decimal point, that's how much I trust him on this subject.

Del has been arguing this for a quarter of a century now, and only ONCE has he been allowed to do this, and he needs to be trusted now. White people aren't going be run out of the Democratic Party unless they WANT TO BE.

I'm a white Democrat, and NO ONE is running me off; in fact, I want to be the white Del Gill, if Ross doesn't beat me to it! Leave Del alone, he is absolutely correct.

Now then, a note to everyone. Once this is settled, WHOMEVER is Chair, they are going to have to break out the kneepads to bring everyone back together. It is utterly ridiculous how inept this Party has become over the last four years, and we need EVERY ONE OF YOU.

We need attention paid to Eastern Shelby County, because we need to go after Brian Kelsey and Paul Stanley. The Western areas may produce the votes for the Party, but the Eastern Front produces the money that finances those campaigns. If they DO leave, the SCDP is gonna be one broke-ass party, so just remember this and know that if we keep the Republicans on the run, they CAN'T help their friends elsewhere.

Enough said, see you at Airways Middle School.