Wednesday, July 08, 2009

In his own words

The Mayor sits down with Les Smith of FOX 13


Anonymous said...

Well, here's what. All of us who grew up in the South and had parents, God bless them, who grew up in the South in less enlightened times remember our relatives saying those stereotypes that black people (they used another word) were "lazy and shiftless." We understand the deep offense when a GROUP is stereotyped. But come on, Mr. Mayor--any individual of any race can be, as an individual lazy, or criminal, or untrustworthy, or whatever negative. Where is it written that a black person or a white, Chinese, or Latino person can't be a f**up?

Also, coming from the man who called Herman Morris out of his name, you protest too much.

Second, you refer to an incident with Cohen on a plane flight that nobody seems to have witnessed, and if true at all, it may have occurred while you were on good terms with him, before you stunned him by your entrance into the race against him. I make sarcastic remarks to my colleagues in jest, don't you?

Play the race card early and often, and pray that Memphis voters are still stupid. Go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I say that a person who has time to be on TV all the time but has not had time after multiple 4-year terms as mayor to find out what the Rape Crisis Center does, as you told reporters, at least (if not lazy)lacks a certain amount of initiative in matters of the city he governs. If you prefer the word detached, I'll settle for it.

bob said...

Herenton Fires, Hits Targets

Tom Guleff said...

Is this footage from last year, 2008, when FOX 13 got outfoxed with all the drama? I thought he quit already to run the school system. What's this, he's running for Congress ? No.

I think he's Tinkering with us.

The Incredible Hulk said...

Hulk no lazy.
Hulk bored.
Hulk no want people to know Hulk phoned it in for past few years.
Hulk race bait to neutralize Hulk's negatives.

Brad Watkins said...

LOL! I think i've created a

Anonymous said...

So who did what? On one hand, Steve cohen has a history of making immature remarks and actions. He's a little impulsive but always seemed to explain it away. I thought he had matured as he approaches his 60's. On the other hand, Willie Herenton follows the Memphis mayoral tradition of using the race card to his electoral advantage. He is very thin skinned and may have used inference to blow up a minor conversational exchange.

I want to heart more about this.