Friday, July 10, 2009

We're less than two months away!

The Memphis Music & Heritage Festival returns September 5 & 6, and the Center's Facebook page notes this:

If you haven't attended the Memphis Tradition - Memphis Music and Heritage Festival, surely, as a Fan of the Center for Southern Folklore, you have heard of it.

We are looking for committed volunteers to help out with stage management, kitchen, beer and merchandise sales, and lots of other fun stuff at this year's festival, September 5 and 6. That's Labor Day Weekend.

Volunteer by emailing, or calling Brian Paris at 901-525-3655, or visit the website at Center for Southern Folklore and fill out a volunteer form.

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Anonymous said...

It's great to post this here, it's great to have a Facebook and a Twitter and what-have-you.

However, you all need to get over to and find Tennessee, Memphis local forum and post two things: the text of the request for volunteers in the CL community section under volunteers needed, and the actual event information on the event calendar for September in Memphis. Neither of these postings/actions costs any money to someone registered with a CL account.

Sure, you always hear about scams and hookers and whatever, but CL is like fire--it has constructive as well as destructive uses. The earlier those postings go up the more help you'll get.

Through CL, Gonerfest is famous as far away as the west coast. No reason the MMHF can't also be.

No commercial interest.