Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Let's think about that video and the upcoming interview, shall we?

By the way, the video was LWC post 1500, some applause, please! Thank you.

Now, you can call Mayor Herenton many things, but stupid isn't one of them. It has been suspected by many that he didn't leave until now because he wanted some say in who replaced him; he said he ran in 2007 to protect the city from Herman Morris and Carol Chumney. Well, while Carol's not doing so hot in our poll over on the right, she's giving Wharton a run for his money at this WREG poll.

Maybe he realizes that Wharton has had slippage because people are a little tired of him as well, and because they are figuring out that he wants Wharton to succeed him. What better way to get AC back in the good graces of those East Memphis and Midtown white folk than to take veiled shots at him like "it would have been UGLY" and "I would have DESCRIBED him"?
The Mayor did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, people, given the last thing that he wants is a Chumney victory.

Well played, sir, well played, I doff my cap to you.


Brad Watkins said...

Hmm...I dunno, seems a little odd. IF that was the intention it might backfire and push some of Herenton's base away from AC.

I think it's simpler than that, i think Herenton was basically answering a question in a way that would not allow him to be interpreted as being electorally concerned about the prospect of AC running against him, while at the same time denying that there was any deal made.

Tom Guleff said...


The WREG poll is BOGUS !!! A few days ago after I saw how many votes Carol Chumney had vs AC Wharton, so I voted for Jim Strickland 15 times in a span of 5 minutes to prove how messed up the poll was. (there's a glitch in their system, because it does not do it all the time, but when it's bogus)

I think it's humorous that Carol complained about the FOX 13 poll, but said nothing about the rigged results on the Channel 3 poll.

Anonymous said...

Are there any SCIENTIFIC polls out there?? Voluntary call-in polls are notoriously innaccurate.------

Anonymous said...

I believe Congressman Cohen will continue to take the high road. If a candidate does not have much to offer, he/she must spend all their time trashing the other candidates, not discussing issues.