Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adrienne needs OUR help!

Folks, this is not just a critical race for Senate 31, it is a WINNABLE race. That said, let me turn this post over to the campaign....

Adrienne Pakis-Gillon

Neighbors and Friends,
Thank you for all your support in the Primary Election. Adrienne is now the official Democratic nominee for State Senate in District 31, and we are that much closer to bringing common sense back to Nashville.
The primary results put Adrienne less than 900 votes behind her opponent. A win is just over the horizon, and but we need your help to get there.
Today, there are at least two ways to help Adrienne bring common sense and care back to Nashville.
1) Volunteer. Join Adrienne this weekend in Germantown to get the word out about her caring campaign. We have been having a great time meeting people and the response to our message has been very positive.
Meet us on Saturday at 11:00am or Sunday at 1:00pm at the Germantown Performing Arts Center. We need you to help let everyone in Germantown know about our goals for a better community. Reply to this email or message Barbara Williams so we can have shirts and plans ready for you.
2) Contribute. We need your investment to ensure Adrienne's victory. Despite having a financial advantage of almost 20 to 1, Adrienne's opponent was only able to secure a small number of additional votes. A contribution of just $5 can buy 50 informational cards. A larger contribution helps us spread the message even more.


We're all in this together. Let's make another charge today.
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Vvixen said...

This race is so important! So much is at stake in the legislature right now! Guns in bars? Seriously? We can expect more of the same when the legislature reconvenes in January. Adrienne could make a real difference! If you live in 31, vote! Even if you don't live in 31, you can still contribute or help her campaign this weekend. If you are a real liberal, or even just a Democrat, you should support this campaign!

callmeishmael said...

Guns are already in bars, as are other lethal weapons. Chicago has a strict gun ban, but crime is endemic, city-wide and expressing itself through the indifference of those who murder children on their way to after-school programs designed to keep them safe. Why should law-abiding citizens such as my wife not be able to legally protect themselves from gangs and thugs and potentially those who would sexually assualt them? Why should anyone who wishes to take proper lessons--my wife did years ago when she lived in Michigan--and exercise common sense home precautions not be allowed to defend themselves?
Liberals want to protect the freedoms of privacy, but seem equally zealous about restricting the ability of citizens to stay alive long enough to enjoy it. Curious reasoning and that which I used to employ--

Steve Steffens said...

Well, ishmael, that bastion of Bolshevism and Maoism known as Germantown, TN, voted to ban guns in parks, and most, if not all restaurants there already ban weapons.

If the representative-attempting-to-be-senator Kelsey had listened to his constituents, he would have voted AGAINST the guns-in-bars and guns-in-parks bills.

Adrienne will LISTEN to her constituents, that's why we're helping her.

Dave said...

Guns in bars and parks is the start.

Next year the NRA is pushing to stop employers from banning guns on their property - in this case parking lots. It is shaping up as a battle between property rights proponents and gun rights proponents.

And as the legislature argues this crap, Tennessee slips further and further behind Georgia and North Carolina and Virginia. Rumor has it that Mississipians will soon be saying "Thank God for Tennessee".

callmeishmael said...

LWC: has crime decreased in the areas you mention? Has it decreased in Memphis proper? Have schools improved as a result of government intervention and some measures of control? Guns are tools, much like money. They can be used for good, fun or ill. Givernment should not be in the business of literally dictating the interests of law-abiding citizens.