Thursday, October 15, 2009

It was a massacre

The top 6 in votes:

Wharton, 65,491 (59.9%)

Lowery, 19,625 (17.95%)

Chumney, 10,857 (9.9%)

Carpenter, 5,181

Lawler, 4,044

Whalum, 2,094

What can I say other than the margin was higher than I expected, if the outcome was exactly as I expected. Wharton ran a great campaign, running until the last week like a man 20 points down rather than a man 40 points ahead.

So congratulations to Mayor AC Wharton, the new Mayor of Memphis. Big ups to the man who served for an all-too-short period as Mayor Pro Tem, Myron Lowery, who can return to his City Council Chairmanship with the knowledge that he began the cleanup oif City Hall that is so desperately needed. Mayor Wharton, we're watching you to make sure you keep that going.

And, despite the fact that she had to be deeply disappointed in the evening's events, let us all remember that Carol Chumney foresaw an early departure for Dr. Herenton. She wrote a succession plan for the Charter Commission, got their approval and watched it pass. Without that, folks, there's no election and we are all bitching mightily about Mayor Keith McGee. So, Carol, we all owe you a big thank-you for that; it proves you need not be in public office to provide public service.

For the rest? Well, there's always 2011, who knows if a then-67-year-old Wharton will want to come back for another term. As much as lots of tweeters, bloggers and media may throw bricks at me, let me be the first to say this: Reverend Whalum, run for City Council. Seriously.

Now, let's look at the REAL stunner of the night: Senate 31. It was an unopposed primary for both Adrienne Pakis-Gillon and Brian "Stuntbaby of Germantown" Kelsey. Yet, in what is SUPPOSED to be an hugely Republican district, here are the numbers for each:

Kelsey 6595
Pakis-Gillon 5726

859 votes is NOT that much difference, even for a special election. This is a WINNABLE race on December 1, and we ALL need to get behind Adrienne and help her rid us of Kelsey, who has been an embarrassment to this county while in Nashville.

Toward that end, come to Drinking Liberally next Wednesday night from 7-9 PM and meet her and let's help her WIN a Senate seat, one the GOP desperately wants to keep and one we can TAKE!


kail4probate said...

Great Commentary and recognition of two wonderful people and public servants,Carol and Myron. Lets work together and support Mayor Wharton to make Memphis the best.Go Tigers!

callmeishmael said...

Too bad Mongo didn't do better. I voted Chicago style for him on the Cracker's blog and had high hopes. Oh well, we can remember his pizza.

Steve Steffens said...

Indeed, CMI, I have fond memories of Mongo's pizza place at the corner of Highland and Marion. It was better than Garibaldi's then, and that was really saying something in 1980!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised about the Wharton victory, but I am surprised that Adrienne Pakis-Gillon did as well as she did. I have not read that anywhere else. I know it was just a primary, but if she made such a strong showing in an election with such low turnout, I think she really does have a fighting chance! Athough she is at a huge disadvantage because Kelsey has raised like 4-times as much money as she has. But I live in Sen. Dist. 31, and what I keep telling people is, that area has undergone massive demographic changes just in the past year or so. It's not the all-white conservative bastion it used to be. If we all turn out pull for Pakis-Gillon, maybe we'll finally get a senator that represents our interests!