Thursday, October 15, 2009

I was afraid this might happen, can you help?

Dear Planned Parenthood supporter,
We've been targeted once again by anti-choice extremists. Help us send them a message by making a pledge to our Pledge-a-Picket campaign today!
The picket began September 23 and will continue through November 1.
Supporters have pledged $2,800 so far! Please consider making a pledge today. Your contribution supports preventative patient care and education of young people in our community.
Just reply back to this email with your pledge amount and we will send you a pledge reminder once the picket ends!
The volunteers, staff and Board of Directors of PPGMR
Planned Parenthood.
Every woman safe and healthy.
Every child wanted and loved.

Please visit our website at


callmeishmael said...

Agreed. Could do without the shameless fund-raising plug, however. Follow where that money goes...haven't we heard that before?

Anonymous said...

Shameless? Maybe. But PP is a respected non-profit in Memphis. 85% of its spending goes for direct services, including primary gynecological health care for poor and uninsured women. If you don't support it--fair enough. But don't knock it because a lot of people in Memphis do support PP.